Monday, January 11, 2010

my prayer

Dear… God,
I’ve just finish register for my last subject in this semester.. Yeah it also means my last semester. The thing is, the environment’s already change. Lots of my friends were gone already. They were all having finish their study and some of them already graduate last October 2009. Just now I’m back from my college, feeling so alone and somber, maybe because that I’m the only 06 intake that still stuck in here. I feel like the last Dinosaur that still living on this earth while my kind were already went extinct.. Regret of what had happen, yes I am. Most of my friends were already working and lots of people here today ask a very… how to say? They mean no offence, but when they ask “eh? You are still here?, eh? You haven’t finished your study? And some of them ( in which the same intake with me) also become one of the tutor in the college. How am I supposed to confront them? And say hi MISS or SIR? That is so awkward.the feelling were still intake within me ever since last semester. And I felt that life ain’t easy if we keep on fooling around and surely we’re going to dig our own grave if stay with that attitude. Downfall is a very subjective ting to say yet it is so hurt to experience.
Dear God,
I got my result after check it out this morning. (which is after being release by my college financial officer due to billings problem) thanks to you for the good news and I promise to my self. And I know u read this too. That I will give Everything that I Own for a much better result in future. Not only in study. But in other stuff too. Well.. that’s it for today.
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