Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Senyuman di Hari Hujan, kuikuikui

The rain keep pouring outside there, is there any adventure for me today? Wahaha.. Hi there, we meet again in this new chapter, yes.. yes.. I’m apologize for always late updating this blog of mine, and I got my reason to do so.. okay let set aside and shall we enter into several topic that I’ve prepare for you guys.. let us begin..
Me and my clones, which one is the original?

********************************* Phototography ************************************

Last night I went for a re-union with my ‘travel’ friends.. so we meet in certain social house  somewhere near Miri capital.. wearing a simple trouser and t-shirt plus worn out sweater, I set off from my house around 8 and a friend of mine already sat waiting for us over there.. so there we go, the 5 of us have a great times together, talking and toasting while playing cards.. enjoying good music and excellent food, then one of them ask me this..

Together with the Gecko-Photo team
“Hey, when will you write about our photography activities?”
Oh well, I just merely smiled and perhaps I’m going to do it later, yes a few weeks ago the three of us did this photo shooting with one of my niece.. there we learn by making lots of shot, hoping to get one that can be considered ‘wow’ or ‘impressive’ kind of shot.. in layman terms, we call it ‘experimenting’ for we’re just a rookie in this business hahaha. We even form our own team and we call ourselves as the Gecko-Photo Team.
Our young and pretty lady; Miss Josephine
Well the equipment used during the event is pretty basic, each of us did bring our own DSLR of course, as for me, I’m only brought my Nikon D3100 + kit lens, a reflector, and also 2 set of tripod..  I’m responsible to lead us all towards the designated area for shooting and also bringing along the girls (one model while the other two is her companion).
************************************ Interview ***********************************

Last Saturday, everything is so crazy, lying awake in one morning (perhaps around 6 something) and staring blankly towards the ceiling. I just can’t help of being excited because.. I don’t know, yes that is what makes it interesting, after going through all the usual process (bath, breakfast and blabla), I depart from my lair (my house) at 9 along with a bag full of math and science book for PMR grade students.. yes I’m a Teacher, But I’m not a Teacher.. I’ll explain about it afterwards..

And so I went to teach as usual, but I did went to visit Dewan suarah, ‘shopping’ for jobs.. ahaha yes indeed, there’s a plenty of job available, ranging from being a janitor till executive, whoa.. and so I call one of my friend, asking whether he’s interested or not to check it out.
So then after we scan all the jobs available, I finally decided to give a try for interview, so I send my CV to CIMB and Public Mutual booth.. then wala, that’s it, and off we go


Blablablabla, my class started around 1.30pm and carrying the lesson as usual, suddenly I got a call from one of the recruiter from CIMB, telling me that out of 96 applicants, I’ve been shortlisted, the same goes for public mutual but they require me to go for training first, and so I went to one of CIMB retail branch ( even I was wondering, they still held interview session during night time meh? Aik? Curious curious). Wearing my best suit, tie and everything that’s necessary, I’m off to Miri town for that interview and I got lost, Thank God I’ve finally found my way in hoho.. indeed, the moment I step in, I sense insecurity where all the people where unusually smart and out of 30 attendee, only 5 guys (including me), the rest is amoi cantek.. apuu..

So blablabla, after went through all the briefing, ice breaking ( I manage to talk to several beautiful girls, oh yeah), I went to meet one of the recruiters and I shoot her with lots of question regarind finance, technical, terms, regulation and blablabla.. and I’ve confirm her story after checking it in internet and also people from banks, yes this type of industry indeed based on selling but it is entirely different from those who we always saw selling products and scam investment.. this people deal with banks, corporation and government. Hmm..
And then I took my leave and went straight to meet several of my youth member in SIB Church for seminar, how ironic hahaha


********************************** New Project ************************************

Still under proposal, but I doubt whether we can do it or not since lots had happen lately, pretty one of our member will transfer to Kuching, wow only two Gecko’s member left in Miri then, so I kept on looking for better theme and still evaluate several talent, and at the same time also go looking for good gears ( the cheapest one I can get la)

All this while I’ve been watching others post on their latest photography project and yes no doubt they are pro, but the one that really caught my eyes is how they create an interesting theme such as ‘golden’ skin and also add in some gothic yet sometimes contemporary set to match with the talents appearance that makes you want to say ‘tasty’..


How about comic? Mini-story/novel? Nah I did plan to do that but haven’t got the idea on how to start, I do love writing but only able to do so after a while.

I heard that somewhere in May or June, (in Miri) there’s a rumors about incoming Counter Strike Competition to be held in one of shopping mall, If not mistaken, it’ll be at Boulevard. I bet there’s lot of people going to join it, although majority of youth nowadays played something that far more advanced but surely such tournament will bring in the heat and it’ll be a blast-off.

************************************* Movies ************************************

Recently I’ve watched this movie entitle : The Hunger Games, alone I went to cinema, on it’s very first day, I thought there will be tons of human going to parade into the movie hall but hey, only several people came to watch it. Bet the others must be expecting the same thing as I do and so they decided to come on next day, and unfortunately such prediction is wrong and stupid because it’s a lame trend to think so hahaha.

watak Katniss dalam hutan hahahaha: The lapar game
Well The Hunger Games, telling the story of young lady, called Katniss, who’re volunteer for the YES-YOU-WILL-DIE type of match, competing against the other from other district and they are known as ‘Tribute’. Well born as a natural hunter since young, little did we know that through this story, I found out about the determination and the strength of women (but most women nowadays are lousy and always complain on “ma!! My nails pecah liaw!!!” cis.. stupid never die.. If People ask me what kind of girlfriend do you want? I would say either she’s more to Katniss? Or Hermionee Granger in Harry Potter Series. Hahaha because I love a tough and brilliant girl (so that my descendant will have a good brain in future, won become dumb dumb)

Soon there will be some other epic stories such as Wrath of the Titans and many more, if any of the movies director are reading this, I beg you to please direct a movie about the legendary Head Hunter God of Iban in Borneo, please make it as epic as Lord of The Ring.. trust me, you will be fascinate about the story of our folklore.

************************************ @@@@@ ***********************************

That’s all for today, until we meet again in next chapter, as for now, good bye

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