Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Life Preview

Hello there everyone, once again we meet in this blog of mine ( of course, where else would it be then? ). As we're waiting for the upcoming of this new year, yeah still got less than 24 hours to go.. why don't we have a sit and relax while reading this blog of mine. Oh yes.. Happy New Year to everyone, God bless you and your family. Yes there's been a lot of things happen in 2011, the upturns and also the upsets, how many of us do take some of our time to sit down, have a cup of coffee (chocolate if you want), and reflect on what had happen, what have you done, the thing, the places you've been to, and also the moments of joy, laughter, and the euphoric time where you feel that is the only time you've poured with blessing and utmost happiness? ahaha.. now actually my style of blogging have been change from narration to photo-blogging.  now let me share with you.. the moments that I cherish in the year 2011, the year of Rabbit..

I've made my own comic, it is enjoyable but the work burden is too much for me to handle alone, and so the rest of the project terbengkalai lo hahaha

Reunion with our family relative from Norway, it is a happy moment just like having Christmas!!

Cosplay Event in Miri Imperial Mall, the crowd were so excited to see  the show

I don't know what to say, it just that I love this shot

This is the place I live, Lambir

Traveling for Work, Kind of fun thing yet tiring

Fishing Frenzy!!!

When to Sabah with friends, one of the best memory I have this year

Karaoke time!! with colleague after stressful meeting in Kuching

Places I've been to in Sabah, beautiful scenery

My youth member

Christmas Parade 2011 with one of my Friend,  there's so much picture to share

And this.. is.. Miri

So I guess that's it, there's also some unfortunate and upsets in 2011, oh well, it's what we call as part of life ingredient, mix it together you get every flavor in one dish!! hahaha.. well that's it for now, hasta la vista and Happy new year everyone!!!

 Best Regards


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