Friday, September 17, 2010

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   Whew~ it has been a while since my last entry, and currently I am working on several story/essay/stuff that i will share with all the readers in future but, the story might not be publish in this blog of mine anymore. I am not stating that I am going to quit or whatsoever. The reason for such act of min is because soon enough i am goin to launch 4 or 5 new series of blog. Every each focus on different content and stuff, and also lots of updated info to be post on.
   i have started this blog since 2008 and most of the content were about my personal life,self monologue, some pictures + story (some of it has valuable information). I do love to write but my scope were too general and too wide for just one blog. One blog won't enough for various type gender that I am going to write therefore I have decided to split the content into 4 or 5 category which mean i need to open a whole new blogs for this.
   These is the genre of blog that i shall include in my project; and yes i call this as Project-D (hahaha)
  • Movie review (box office, new incoming Movies, most rated)
  • Music+MV review (which I have done in my previous post)
  • Science & Technology (more to gadget and infrastructure)
  • Books review (articles,novel,comic,etc)
  • Anime review (i have tons of information on this)
  • Foods (unlike what you've seen on TV)
  • Education (general announcement,breaking news and etc)
  • Tips & How (i have lots of crazy ideas and its usually works, you should try it)
  • etc..
And so, wait for my new blogs and yeah this one i shall continue it as my own personal blog (recently it has became Vlog because i focus more on videos as my medium of information sharing). Until then, keep in touch, happy reading, and welcome to my page.

[M/V]Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears Korean

a song entitled "2 different tears" popular by Wonder Girls, a group of 5 Korean female artist. They took Korea by storm with their retro hit, “Tell Me” in the latter part of 2007. later then the group gradually craft their names not only within Korea itself, but towards worldwide as their most popular single "Nobody" became hits in 2008/2009. the 5 girls lead by Sun ye as leader, Ye Eun, Yoo Bin, So Hee, and Sun Mi. each has their very own unique characteristic and they even have their own fans-club all around the world. the Wonder Girls music tunes are very infectious, combine with the easy-to-copy-and-dance step yet interesting and sync with each other as they conquer the stage and made the audience go "ohhh" and "ahhh".. in other words.. they performance are truly astounding and emit a happy and positive energy onto whoever watch them perform. these latest single of them are not quite as good as "Nobody" but still energetic and has a lot of funky 80's plus a short storyline about "euphoric dancing alien" in the MV..

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