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R.O.S in SK Matang Jaya (from 3rd till 7th of August 2009)

Well currently I’m undergoing my teaching practicum (which already end on last 31th of July), previously at SMK Matang Jaya, but now at SK Matang Jaya for ROS. Well, the teachers in primary school are much friendlier as my colleague and I were being warm welcome into their school on our first day, 3rd of August. For the past three month, I’ve been dealing with monster, beast and pre-historic human (I mean the students in SMK; they are really savage and nasty. Some of them were notorious), but being in a primary school is totally different, where every teacher have full control over the student. None of them dare to cross over any of the teacher. Because they are so tiny and cute and blur (for pra-sekolah students). The midgets were all looking at my friend and I and as we’re introduced by the school Headmaster during the assembly, we tried to act macho but we couldn’t, hahaha..

So we have entered into several classes for observation, most of the teacher give full cooperation with us while the other is quite reluctant to do so. On the 6th august, Thursday. We have entered into three classes. 6 Cekal, 5 bestari, and 5 Cekal.. We have acquired lots of data for our assignment. And of course we also have taken many pictures for photo call and documentation matter. So far that’s all we gone through.

Today’s 5th august 2009

So I want to recall several things and events that I have experience for the past few weeks. It is so lame to write like this so I’ll try making it more simple and fun to read yah? Okay, our story for today start on 25th of July 2009. If I’m not mistaken, it is Saturday, my dear aunt from Sarikei were getting Married to some guy from Pakan area. I’ve never met this guy before but based on what my family have told me (that guy has been interrogate by the whole family, hihihihi), I was surprised to found that he has the same name as my father, Dunstan. But my father is much more handsome that this dude. Ofcourse, that’s why my mum loves him hehe.

So back to our story, my aunt (the one that I live with, currently..), cousins ( her sons), and my sister (we fetch her from UITM on the night of 24th) depart from Kota Samarahan at 9.30 pm (fetching my sister from UITM), it took us 4 or 5 hours or so to reach the destination. The venue for the wedding is my village in Sri Aman, the Hidden Village of Pruan (I’m Iban, descendants’ of the Bloody Headhunters). Reaching our home at 1.30 am, most of our family relative were still dancing merrily at Ruai, yeah we live in a long house (please check in internet if you don’t know what’s long house looks like). I immediately join the party and dance like crazy until 4.00am in the morning.

So on 25th, awake at 7 something in the morning, tons of works and things that need to do before the big event need to be done and I guess that day is very tiring as we work like a bunch of house elf. What a hell, I manage to get some nap at afternoon and then continue to work after two hours of battery charging (for body of course).

Hundreds of people came for the wedding that day, even the contingents from Pakan, Engkelili, Julau, and event Miri came to join the party. Wow, what a shock, I don’t event expect that it would become such a fiesta. The groom’s family hired a band boys for the event. And I’m very shocked to meet several people that I know (friends and family) came also.

The event start at 7 or 8 something in the evening but the main course is around 9 or so because the bride and the groom arrive during that time. And so my cousin and I were being assign to be the paparazzi for that evening. Capturing the couple’s picture like crazy (snap here snap there, flash here flash there), I manage to capture a lot of photo, but due to the quality of picture and also the camera (very poor in performance). I only manage to get several good photos only, saved and edited.

So after serving all the guesses that attend, I change my cloth and sit together with my cousins to watch the performance from the band. We dance and have a good laugh together, it’s a very good memory indeed, being together with family it makes me feel so warm and comfort. Oh how I wish that my parents also here ( they are currently in Miri right now).

1st August 2009, Saturday

This is the most historic day in my life, together my friend and I formed a team called “NexGen for the counter strike competition which is held in OneTj complex in Jalan Song. So the condition of the tournament is; each team must have 5 members; each team must bring their own gear such as, earphone, gaming/optical mouse, keyboard for gaming, and any other stuff that is allowed for tournament. And of course the organizer have prepare the tablet pc, keyboard, mouse, and other primary stuff for us..

So there is seven teams altogether competing in this competition. These is the list of teams that I can remember;

1) NexGen

2) Nemesis

3) Team 6

4) Gizmo Troops

5) Aeon

6) Versus

7) 3E

And the member of our team is

1) Jeremy Edward a.k.a Shepherd @ Exia

2) John James a.k.a OrangGila

3) Kelvin Harry a.k.a XP (Team Leader)

4) Deideian a.k.a Mist @ Impulse

5) Ghemmillian a.k.a Balmer

So eventually, our team manages to enter second round due to “bye” system. Our first match is with Team Nemesis, the 5 pros. One of them is our own colleague from Unitar. Jerry Joseph with his nicknames; Djinn (this guy is quite scary during the battle), along with his comrade. They merge as one of the strongest team during the tournament. So this is a little bit info about Nemesis, from what I heard, they knew each other through online gaming (Garena) and their skills is remarkable. So we NexGen were able to score 4 while they’re 16 (total accumulate point for winning).

Our next opponent is Team Versus, this team was all Chinese and they are very good. Yeah indeed because they are good enough because they manage to beat us with no sweat. 16-0, unbelievable..

So the end of our match and we’ll only manage to get 5th place in the competition. Wow, this is the second Counter Strike Tournament that I’ve join since august 2008 (I was the captain of Team D.O.A at that time, what a sweet memory), but the strongest team from the 7 is team Gizmo (the organizer themselves). They manage to beat down every team on their way without any casualties. The only team that I can conclude as an ALL Star players. It took only one of their players to take us down. They are so skillful.

So! For incoming event, we’re going to organize another Counter Strike Competition 2009 by the end of this August (everything was in progress). Together my friend and I prepare for the tournament. I was responsible for the Banner, poster and shirt design. There’s nothing much that I can contribute for this event this time. I’ve been working on the design over the past two weeks and during the tournament, I’m going to be DJs along with my friend hahaha! It’ll be so much fun!! So hopefully the entire Unitarian will come and give us their support, or participate (much better).

The purpose of this event is not only based on entertainment, but also for academic purpose in the hope that apart from letting student busy buried themselves with their study and assignment, this is the best way for them to socialize with other and exposed more to the high-tech and technology usage. So, that’s all from me this time. Hopefully we can meet sometimes and share our wonderful journey in next chapter. Hasta La Vista folks!


On 28th July; I walk through hell

So as you all can see (the title on above), is not that I’m walking through the real hell, it just that I have a very disappointing memory on that day, on the night of 27th, Miss Bell ( Unitar pretty Coordinator) have call to inform me regarding the incoming visit from our own (teaching group) Dean from main campus for teaching observation. The moment I receive the breaking news, I run amok!!! Just kidding, of course I panic, what do you expect? The big boss is coming to town! So at the very last minute, I prepare everything that I could, and during the D-Day, there 4 four person waiting for me. OMG!!! OMG!! OMG!!, Miss Bell, Puan Zeliha Johari, some dudes that I don’t know, and the Dean himself.

Miss Bell: “Eh? Are you okay Deideian? You seems to be having some problems, is everything ready?” Said Miss Bell in an undertone.

“Ar.. yeah I’m alright, it just that I haven’t got my breakfast this morning” I lied. Actually at that time I think I’m going to be sick.

“So you’re Deideian eh? How’s teaching? Okay?” said Dean, his eyes twinkling.

And so the 5 of us proceed to my class, 4C. And everything begin.. Double period, and I tried my best to be as natural as I can, mustering all the courage that had left in me, I speak English with my frozen tongue (being too nervous and hungry decrease your thinking ability and performance, trust me mate). Thank God my students were very co-operative and response very well for that day.

But of course everything little good thing also have their bad also, there’s three stooges were asleep when I’m teaching. And Dean notice that, so I try my best to wake them up, raising my voice, calling their names, even their friend also try to wake them up.. no use ( “I’ll deal with you later”). Then suddenly the Dean and the other three stand up and sign me through hand gesture to meet him outside the class.. so the big guy is so massive, but he has a kind face expression and deep voice.

“So Deideian, you have the POTTENTIAL to become a teacher, but please next time, don’t use harsh word to tease your student event thought your intention is to wake them up. So far good work and hopefully you improve your teaching from time to time. Okay? So then, farewell”

Then I enter the class with my weak face, student were all wondering and ask, “so how is it Sir?, did you fail?”. Fail? Haiya!! That’s a curse you know! Hahaha, “well it’s okay, it’s not your fault anyway” I said without looking at them, sitting on one of the student chair, posing like a soldier who lost the war.

“ya la kawu tek!! Mala jak tido keja! Nah, kenek tok tido la gk nun ! kan ke dah nyusahkan cikgu kitak tiga ?’ said one of the student, and then the rest also saying the same thing while the three of them saying nothing. Hahaha.. guilty face huh? Nvm.. at the end of the day, I let my class having their free time. So the day end without any satisfactory result..

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