Friday, March 9, 2012

Graps the Dream

Wah tonight is so cold, even when I have turn off the fan, still the chill is creeping up into my very bone. I just got back from sending one of my fellow youth member at Miri town this evening. evening kah? it's already late night liao haha..

Today we got this 'prayer meeting' and frankly to say I didn't even prepare for giving any speech on any topic, and so at the very last minute I just pick up any verse ( in this case, I pick the one that I use the most).. after we done with praise and workship session, I gave a talk on "As you sow, So shall you reap'.

masa ku mo beli burger kat McD drive tru at permyjaya.. haiz.. busy betul ultraman

The sharing session went out very well where all the audience really enjoy and participate actively during discussion.. we're having a great time together when suddenly I say something like " I love to teach, but I don't wish to be a teacher", I myself were astounded on this very sentence of mine; and yeah, it is tru..

********************************** INCEPTION ***********************************
Raksaksa: stop!!! musnah bandar miri lak!! kita lawan kat area lain

Last monday, I went out to seek some adventure for myself, ahaha; that quest of mine is all about looking/survey for the place that will be the venue for our incoming Photography session next week. ya next kan cuti sekolah? so I decided to go for test drive a little bit; bringing all my gear, I set out towards the farthest place ( not that far la), starting from pulau melayu, gradually I stop at several location. Sometime's I enter the forest just to look for better scenery for photoshooting. Miri got lot's of beautiful place ( Now I realise about it haha).

The question that still linger at this moment is; who're going to be our model? in my mine, I already got several candidate but only one will be chosen as our model. yet there's still a lot of thing need to be prepare plus we're not an experience photographer. in other words, We're beginner.. ahahaha soon or later we'll see what we can do when the time come.
buaya: cak!!! takut ke??

****************************** FINANCIAL POWER *******************************

Currently I'm reading this new book entitled; " Rich dad Poor dad" eh? in my last entry I did talk about this ley, ya it's about financial, my God I'm so.. so.. how to say? absorbed? really into it? no it's more than that, every thing inside it makes all the cell in me become ALIVE and AWAKEN.. (this only apply to those who love to read; to those who're not, just proceed with your boring life)

There's a lot of thing that I want to do in the next 4 or 5 years to come, speaking about goal, referring to the talk that I just gave to my fellow youth tonight, " As you Sow, So shall you reap" so then again I listen to audio record of Mr Earl Nightingale on his famous topic " The Strangest Secret".. oh my God.. once again I'm inspired by this stuff.. so again; once again my dream.. once buried deep down in my heart, it Burn's again.
wah!! headshot la pok!!

***************************** TRAVELLING *************************************

I don't know, I really wish I can go for another holiday trip with my friend, last time went to Sabah, but this year? I guess they all were very busy.. for the time being, just stay low and work diligently towards my goal, yeah I do love traveling. but travel alone is no fun. even if I do got enough budjet to go, I will need to have somebody to go; because I love to have fun! hahaha let's see first lah

****************************** LIFE *******************************************

What goes around, comes around.. I remember one of my classmate always saying that during our time in Universities years ago. yep that is so true.. while listening to the song "Here without you" by 3 doors down. all the thing that I've done so far, all the memory, achievement, people.. all the great time, we human mostly just take it for granted, for after losing it, then the sense of loneliness occur, deep down in our heart; we'll say, how I really wish if this is forever; how I really wish to go back to that time?

But hey, don't we realise? that's the secret of being happy, because all the past we left behind, eventually become part of memory, and also our precious treasure, our experience, and somehow it helps to shape the very person that exist for today; us.. in which to say,;

Our past is the Ingredient to make what we are today, and our thought is the ingredient to make what will happen for tomorrow - Deideian (I invent this my self)

********************************* FIN *****************************************

well that's all for today, I'm off to read my favourite books, until next time.

Deideian - Just a Dream

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Run out of Water liao

Yes.. Yes.. Miri got no water due to Oil pollution.. according to the latest report--> 14k liter of oil tumpah liao into Sungai Liku. and so so? the minute people get the hang onto this matter, the town suddenly become very busy whereby lots of people rushing here and there, hunting for water supply..

I've receive direct order from my Commander right after I finish my work and I have went to several places in Miri, Hunting for Water.. gahahah.. Morsjaya, Luak, Miri town, Suncity, Centre point.. and blablabla... yay!!! but I only manage to get 3 bottles... at least I've manage to get some ( after berebut ngan sorang minah kat area luak.. sempat nya nyebut cibai ngan aku.. gahahah)

Thank God My Big Bos already well inform about this matter earlier than other people.. gahahah.. that's the power of having 'Kaki' everywhere... not only we got lots of water, but somehow we got swimming pool weih.. so dun worry, within this two days.. We'll survive.. (but not you)

Today is the 5th day after I resign and somehow I feel refreshing.. got some new goal to look forward to.. and so once again we return to the first chapter ( this Time I'll win for sure!! huargh!!!!) of my life.. still do some planning, but at the same time aim to get several part time job ----> currently work as a Tutor at tuition centre.

********************************* I Is not Like But Love You ********************* ******

Side Story:

Once upon a time, me pusing pusing, me fikir.. of some great ideas.. yet me need to conform my own ideas first.. so here comes several sifu of mine to ajar, one of the is the Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Mr Kiyosaki yo!!!!

hahaha sorry for typing it in Broken English, yeah I've got my self this new book. And I'm kind of really into it.. in layman terms, totally suck into it. Yes, Buy it 2 days ago, now I just realize that learning about Financial can be so enjoyable and inspiring too!!! oh My God!! I'm going to be RICH!!! <---- I've said this for how many times whenever I read that book,

******************************** I is Not The Like You ****************************

Mai kacau, me want to tido.. Zzzzz.. mars is bright tonight

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