Friday, September 17, 2010

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   Whew~ it has been a while since my last entry, and currently I am working on several story/essay/stuff that i will share with all the readers in future but, the story might not be publish in this blog of mine anymore. I am not stating that I am going to quit or whatsoever. The reason for such act of min is because soon enough i am goin to launch 4 or 5 new series of blog. Every each focus on different content and stuff, and also lots of updated info to be post on.
   i have started this blog since 2008 and most of the content were about my personal life,self monologue, some pictures + story (some of it has valuable information). I do love to write but my scope were too general and too wide for just one blog. One blog won't enough for various type gender that I am going to write therefore I have decided to split the content into 4 or 5 category which mean i need to open a whole new blogs for this.
   These is the genre of blog that i shall include in my project; and yes i call this as Project-D (hahaha)
  • Movie review (box office, new incoming Movies, most rated)
  • Music+MV review (which I have done in my previous post)
  • Science & Technology (more to gadget and infrastructure)
  • Books review (articles,novel,comic,etc)
  • Anime review (i have tons of information on this)
  • Foods (unlike what you've seen on TV)
  • Education (general announcement,breaking news and etc)
  • Tips & How (i have lots of crazy ideas and its usually works, you should try it)
  • etc..
And so, wait for my new blogs and yeah this one i shall continue it as my own personal blog (recently it has became Vlog because i focus more on videos as my medium of information sharing). Until then, keep in touch, happy reading, and welcome to my page.

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Edward said...

Bout dat Anime, i know where u get those info.. Ahaha.. ^^ BTW, Keep up ur works mate.. Chow!! GBU

Deideian said...

ahaha.. of-course you do know Jay, we've download anime from various website before,so I think this is the best place where i can share it with the readers about this..

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