Monday, November 28, 2011

Working on Reality of Life

Hello there, it's been a while, how's your Christmas preparation? have you already planned for your vacation? or.. have you already apply for leave this coming December? Christmas Eve is just around the corner, yet still problems and happiness takes turn to pop into our lives, regardless whether we're working or not, to those who're pass by and just happen to read this, I invite you to think, to remember back on what had happen to you within this 6 month.

As for me, I've been working with the same company fr the past 4 month, initially I've been trying to find another job ( I've been sending my resume to various kind of company and school).. Working and involve in the management level is really something, gradually it hanged my inner self and although I dislike it, I just need to accept the fact that "IT IS THE ONLY WAY"... for people to survive in that world.. don't get what I mean? nah look at this picture, you'll know then.

yes yes.. the title over there already mention on 'how to save your job?" it's easy, all you need to kiss somebody ass instead of doing thing in the right way, discrimination, arrogant, bribery, and etc.. people from the top (management level like Minister you-know-who, Bosses (director, manager, etc), and even your colleague are all suffered and drown in SIN..

Yes indeed we're human tend to forget, we human were more to something fun and hunger for wealth, entertainment, jealousy and blablabla.. because One want to fulfill his or her own desire, ambition, or need... that doesn't mean we're suppose to destroy each other? that doesn't mean we need to step on other in order to survive.

well, I've still got lots to say, but better not because it's pointless, that's all from me..

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