Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Fantastic and Labours Day

Hi folks, how do you do? it's been a while eh? haha is not that I got so much to do that makes this blog getting abandoned but apparently I've got lots on my own dish, busy doing this and that, while I'm free, still I can't write anything due to lack-of-ideas syndrome.. not syndrome down neh~

lately I'm involve in several free-got-no-money-for-me kind of project (sob.. sob..), well since it require me to utilize the full potential of my creativity, I'm on gahahah. Now let's get back to business, previously you all have read my entry on photography, interview ( I'm still waiting for the result.. damn it), and movies.. oh yes, recently I've watch several new movies.. it's a good therapy for those who suffer from Incurable-boring-desease.

************************************* Movies *************************************

Movies, who dislike movies? oh man give me a break. So I've already watch several new movies such as:

And I still waiting for several movies to come, there still got several movies on screen at this moment but I figure out none of those caught my interest.. I would like to congratulate Miss Lily Collin for her spleandid performance in Mirror Mirror a.k.a Snow White movies.. a new actress yet able to perform very well.

Battleship, before I watch this, I was thinking, oh the same actors from John Carter, but in the end the story plots turn out to be exhilarating due to awesome combat between human and alien.. and speaking of alien, the features somehow similar to us (human), well since at the first stage of movies they claimed that they've found a planet which got a similarity to our earth, and they name it *some text missing* watch it for yourself haha.

The Avenger, The only person that I like the most is IRONMAN..
genius, playboy, billionaire,philanthropist.. you got it right man. it's the combination of several superheroes and all the effect of cinematography, story plots, blablabla.. one word.. awesome, oh well you know Holliwood.. everything is possible with technologies nowadays, even the Japanese start to produce a non-human artist, and 'She' even perform on stage too!! who is it? search it for yourself.

*********************************** LIFESTYLE ***********************************

Nothing much to be said, in other words, I'm still searching for something, and that "something" have got to be worthwhile.. and yeah I still looking for a job, recently I got interview with certain college in Miri, waiting hours in line and when it is my turn to be "interview", all that's left in my head is "oh I want to finish this up as soon as possible and go home to have some sleep"

I'm currently still teaching, as a tutor in one of tuition center here in my home-town, currently the center have move to new place and it irritate me a bit since it is a bit far from my house right now. oh well, at least the environment is much more quieter, cleaner, and.. and.. I don't know yet haha

things will becoming less interesting and dull since one of my comrade going to move to Kuching next month as he got landed on a job as a lecturer. congrats mate, it's about time too. may the force be with you wahaha. several old friends return to Miri after long years of studying and yes, we end up jobless because of politic and unexplainable reason.. ask our deputy prime minister, he knows.

lately I've been reading a lot and it's all about money? eh? I did mention about this in my last entry isn't it? aahhh.. perhaps I forgot eh~ neveer, but still the subject interest me because it gave me the chance to dream big, and by doing so I started to think big, and the by-product of doing so, I feel happy and inspired, which lead me to my next project.. and currently I named it Project - S, organizing an event!! yay!! what event? next time.. in next entry

another similar project under proposal which I contact one of my old college mate, hoping that he would agree and I've prepare several design for him.. this is it's all about $$ and yes I call it Project-$$.. what? not suitable? I don't care

************************************* EVENT ************************************

Last week, people's around were panic due to breaking news about a loose prisoner from Miri Prison.. OHMAIGOT!! PRISON BREAK!! wow so cool!! but silly... the incident happen right in my village, Lambir and reports says that the prisoner escape by climbing the fence barbed-wire and he manage to get pass 3 of the tall fences!! villagers were in panic, as the incident happen around 1.30 in the morning, so most of the young men offer to be on guards.

Well in the end the prisoner were being captured after being spotted by the villagers at Batu 8 1/2, Lambir area also. It's been reported that the man hide himself in an orchard and live by eating wild vegetable/plant and drink water from the pond. the only garment that he's wearing is just a simple boxer (white color) and he got a nasty injury all over his body due to barbed-wire + beating from the policemen.. good job everyone, gotta catch em all!! hahaha

************************************ Someone ***********************************

I've met someone, but couldn't figure out what is playing in my mind. I only met her briefly and every conversation happen to be very formal and polite. the very thing that disturb me the most is that funny sensation whenever I remember on how her 'eyes', her smile, her movement.. ohmaigot hopefully this won't turn out to be twilight lovey-doey.. and what's worst,

......I still don't know her name....

************************************ THE END  **********************************

I got so much to tell but some best to be kept as secret, and some secret better off from being in-store in this mind.

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