Thursday, January 7, 2010

Suffocate in my own Though

KHAMIS… translated as Thursday, January 07, 2010.
It’s been a long time since the last I post my entry into this blog. I don’t know whether there will be any soul out there reading this. But I say let’s give it a try, this year suppose to be the Tiger year, am I right? Well, there’s several thing that I’m going to share here.
1. I guess I will be lonely, I mean I’m so over with this college thingy, yet I don’t want to have a job because studying is much more fun thou..
2. Most people change after a certain period; I do felt that I’ve change but change into what? To someone better than before or turns into boring guy to talk with? Let’s say that I’m of friends that are so not true. I have tons of friends than I can calculate (by finger of course hahah)
3. to the person that I care, not my family. Family? Yes I do love them, but this person has caught my heart ever since.. Since when that I don’t remember, all I know that she has a very sweet and lovely smile which can make any person feel happy to meet her. And I miss her voice as well, The Smilling Maiden, that is what I call her for. That’s it! A part of me is empty because of this, better find something to cure it.
4. I really miss the old time, when I just start as a freshmen in University, there’s not even a single thing to worry about apart from study and money. Yea it’s kinda nostalgic though, and time can’t be reverse. Although if God give me the chance to do so, I will not. Whats end is the end, let it be..
5. I’m writing this stuff while listening to Hujan Band song, and heavy rain were quite nasty out there. I don’t even know what I want for my self, Love? Nah I’m not ready for that. Because I don’t know how to do so, and It is funny that I’ve search through internet on how to fall in love? That is so not macho dude, and so retarded also. So let it be, maybe she will be the one for me?
6. I want… yeah travelling, that is one thing for sure after I get a job. Not that desperate though, but one of my desire is to see the world, may God bless me and my ambition. The career that I pursue, actually is not becoming a teacher. I want something more than that, but reality force us to live with less option to pick, so I pick this path. I dare say that I’m good in teaching, for I’ve experience it in 3 month. But one thing that I really looking forward to, … let’s not say it here, maybe in next or another story. When the times come ^^.

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