Saturday, August 8, 2009

R.O.S in SK Matang Jaya (from 3rd till 7th of August 2009)

Well currently I’m undergoing my teaching practicum (which already end on last 31th of July), previously at SMK Matang Jaya, but now at SK Matang Jaya for ROS. Well, the teachers in primary school are much friendlier as my colleague and I were being warm welcome into their school on our first day, 3rd of August. For the past three month, I’ve been dealing with monster, beast and pre-historic human (I mean the students in SMK; they are really savage and nasty. Some of them were notorious), but being in a primary school is totally different, where every teacher have full control over the student. None of them dare to cross over any of the teacher. Because they are so tiny and cute and blur (for pra-sekolah students). The midgets were all looking at my friend and I and as we’re introduced by the school Headmaster during the assembly, we tried to act macho but we couldn’t, hahaha..

So we have entered into several classes for observation, most of the teacher give full cooperation with us while the other is quite reluctant to do so. On the 6th august, Thursday. We have entered into three classes. 6 Cekal, 5 bestari, and 5 Cekal.. We have acquired lots of data for our assignment. And of course we also have taken many pictures for photo call and documentation matter. So far that’s all we gone through.

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