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Digi iPhone 4 Me

AAAAAAaaaaaaa!!!! Iiitttttttttttttttt's Biggerrrrr!!!!!! Ittttttttttttttttt's Better!!!!! thousands of people have waited long for this, and now it is here!! it is all happening here in Malaysia!! okay people, settle down, i know all of you might be wondering what the heck i am talking (writing of-course) in here. recently Digi has launch the new iPhone 4, speaking of iPhone, i bet those know, those who ever touch it, lick it (yucks, i'm just kidding ^^) and own it must be very lucky to have such a splendid gadget in this centuries.. the iPhone were very well-known as it offer lots of function and friendly user as well (no human ever died for being known possessing one of this beauty ^^). there's 2 telecommunication companies in Malaysia had this items for sale and I recommend anybody, whoever that walk past this humble blog of mine to choose Digi for this iPhone plan because:

1) well, the "other" company of-course have a very splendid reputation as one of the top telecommunication brand apart from Digi but not in Sabah and Sarawak. People here were more to Celcom and Digi, of-course Celcom dominated the current market as number 1 telecommunication company in Sarawak nowadays but yeah Digi somehow gradually shows some improvement in some ways.

2) most people currently switch to Digi for several particular reason; it's cheaper ( based on literal survey that i ave made from my college-mate several months ago. Digi has this.. and that and don't have this and that compare to other brand. interesting talking and messaging plan for everyone.

3) You know what? sending message to more than 16 or 20 person who is using Digi while I'm not.. it feels like "I have been step on a cow-dung, not only it is dirty, but also the dung blast me onto the air and i'm landed on another dung".. or in other words, people always say "bloody hell" when it come to this situation, so i have been considered to switch to Digi long time ago but i figure that this product plus this Digi plan is the best offer that i can get.. uh...

I have done my homework on this gadget before I write this, and based on what i have research from people around me + some reliable source from internet; I found that Digi offers the "Affordable" price for their customer who've purchase this latest iPhone model. and so the urge to get my hand to have one of this become more and more severe (all i can do right now is biting my own palm) while those who got $$ can just run towards ATM machine and ka-ching! there you go, a brand new smart phone! the iPhone 4!! ah~ why go to some expensive plan yet aren't competent to function well in an urban area such as Sabah and Sarawak if you got a better offer? it seems so foolish to do so..

I am proudly say that I am a loyal type of person, hehehe, what I really mean is my possession, my stuff, mostly can be considered as antic to any person who met me for the first time. I have been wearing the same cell-phone for the past 4 years, I still have an old school Liverpool football jersey which says "reebok" instead of carlsberg (now is sponsored by standard chartered). a vast collection of pen and pencil's that already run out of ink hahaha.. i have this transparent Golden pen (a plastic one of-course) given by my very dearest friend Natty, well I doubt if there's a chance for her to read this post of mine but yeah, i still kept it, for the past er.. since 2004.. ah.. 6 years.. and i always brought it to everywhere that i've travel to.. as my lucky charm.. ooookay.. look guys, i'm not trying to be sentimental here but what I'm trying to say is, IF i want or have to change for something, it must be something that worthy and exceed all the expectation.. and one thing for sure; you'll know. the iPhone 4!!!! uwaaa fever!!!!!

1 week = 7 days, 1 days = 24 hours, a young adult like me required approximately 6 to 7 hours of sleep, 5 hours to do some stuff like housework=lawn mowing, house cleaning. breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper??, bath and blablabla.. the rest is internet surfing. i can sit in front of my laptop for hours without having a slightest bit of "bored" symptoms. what i always do is facebooking (there's no such terms in dictionary), blogging (mostly about the places I've went to, the food, the people, so I've been busy uploading lots of thing such as photos and videos into my blog), i use Sony digital camera for photos and videos as well, but the thing is i need to plug it into my laptop and the process is a lot.. start from transferring the files.. editing.. uploading.. and then start writing.. and posting.. ah!!!! the procedure is very slow.. what to do? but with iPhone (as I've saw lots of my friend using it) you can surf internet, play online games, video call, snap pretty photos and videos anytime, anywhere you wanted.

Having an iPhone and holding it around your neighborhood, is like being an instant celebrity, people will gather all around you and ask lots of question such as "where did you get this?", "ah! i also want one of this!!", "i can't believe it!!", "i know, you stole it right? give it to me or I'll report you to the authority!! XD) and etc.. the reaction is very interesting to experience. the same thing goes to any man who drive an awesome cool sport Lamborghini, park in front of your University parking space + your name on it, wearing an expensive jacket + shade (people might took you as Zac Effron by mistake hahaha).. you see? that's how cool it is!!


Run multiple apps at the same time and switch between them instantly. All without sacrificing performance or battery life.

Do you see? this is why i need this phone so much.. Multitasking!!!! without even bothered by battery problems or performance!! with this one can doing facebooking, blogging, snap pictures, and say "hi mom!! whats for dinner?" at the same time!!! SAVE TIME & ENERGY!! get it? oh my God i'm suppose to be speechless at the moment Thank God I'm writing not talking.. hahahaha..

the second reason of WHY I'm crazy about this stuff is because of it's outstanding capability in photo snapping!! snap here and there and you get the best picture ever.. combine with the latest technology
for smart phone, built in LED flash and 5 megapixel including 5x digital zoom.. you can beat PAPARAZI with this yo~, catch a photo and upload and post it on your site in less then 5 minutes.. hahaha...

5-megapixel camera

now now everyone,  let's take a deep breath before we go deeper. HD Video recording quality, got any idea? okay how bout this? the moment you have this iPhone, you will never need to look at fancy camcorder or anything similar to that for video shooting.. you can become Steven Spielberg right away! catch a photo/video, and edit it using a built in software, easy to use though.. tada~ you're good to go and upload it right away! this'll make video sharing among your friends far more easier and faster! and you also can become or beat the site reporters/journalist!! whenever anything/stuff that might happen such as natural disaster, bank robber, car race and etc.. YOU'LL BE THE FIRST TO WRITE ABOUT IT.. hihihi

HD Video Recording

 well for those who got boyfriend/girlfriend.. this the a whole new era in which you won't have to send a love letter and waited for a week for a reply, you won't have only to communicate with your friend or your love one via e-mail and voice.. you won't have only to see her/his face when you log into your yahoo or live messenger.. because........................... you can do it................. ANYWHERE!!! ANYTIME!!! oh my God!!! don't even thing about it!! (some people once ask me a silly question;"can I make a video call to my girlfriend wile I'm still poo poo in a toilet?" well dear, of-course you can, but that is stupid and crazy!!!) moral of the story, no matter no far advanced the technology is, don't spoil your self okay? hahahaha... now.. Digi iPhone can provide you with every function you need for social interaction.. for girls, you were no longer be worried whether your boyfriend cheating behind you because if he did, you can see another woman lie next to him while you two do video talking.. tada~.. honest, easy, and friendly user.. later on you can slap him on the face whenever you want to..


 last but not least... jang jang jang.... the iPhone were also equip with Retina Display, a cool function that help short sight people to read their favorite articles, news, or anything on this iPhone, with this, I believe even my grandma would also want to have one of this, but i wonder who or what she'll do with it eh? i don't want to imagine about it.. so here it is..

Retina Display

It’s the sharpest, most vibrant, highest-rresolution phone screen ever. With four times the pixel count of the previous iPhone, images and text are amazingly crisp.

well, if you ask me... "would you like this iPhone?" or a question like " how about if I'm giving away this phone to you?" or you might ask me "why do you think you musy have it?"

and here's my answer.. " I WANT IT!!! I NEED IT!!! I LOVE IT!!!! AND ONLY YOU~~~~ YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE.. EVERYTHING I DO... IT'S IPHONE 4 ME~...... not you... hahaha.. da~

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