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Stress Management - how to cope with pressure or stress?

Hello and welcome to this blog, How do you do? certainly I'd hope that every visitors of mine were in great condition. Well as you all see, the title for this post explain all of what I'm going to tell you for today. take note that this entry is just not for those who have stress problem, or any kind of emotional break-down. But also as a guide to anyone who will eventually experience the same scenario or you might as well cross any person who were in such state. And so you can use the information you've obtain from this blog to help them. in return, they'll express their gratitude either by saying "Thank you" or kiss you on the cheek.. haha just kidding..

Alright before we continue, you may need to know what is stress, well I'm not going to waste my time to explain it to you as you can go directly to this site, if you want to know what it is, you can go to here, here, and here. know take note that each type of stress are different based on it's situation and level or cause. Why do I care to write this kind of article? well it's because people tend to "accidentally" walk in into strange place as they already know that there is better place where they can find the right information for their own need.

People nowadays were unlike people from ages ago, why am I saying that? wait, let me explain. Let us reverse and walk back to Ten years ago or more than that. our ancestor facing a far more greater problems and lived in the era where whenever you went out from house just to catch some mice for food. 90% I'm sure that you surely die because of lots of reason such as bandit, wild beast, stray bullet and etc. see? aren't it stress full to lived in such era? yet they can still cope with their life and evolved from it. And the result is, we're living on what they have developed for us.

Now let us return back to our era, where we lived in an abundance of wealth and opportunity. And as you're born to this full with a complete set of human body (where your head, hands, and etc were in perfect condition), you need to be "Thankful" for that. well the reason of why I'm saying that is, human nowadays were forgetting that they suppose to enjoy the journey whether it is hard or not. But no, they are not, 10 out of 100 people do enjoy their life to the fullest because of why? because.. they know how to be thankful, appreciate, and their mind were in stable and good condition (where everything that you see or hear, you take it as positive things to have/to do). The rest? they only know how to complain, well I don;t need to elaborate more about this. but if you want to, come back next time and I give you more detail about it.
Now, let see.. alright I assume you all have heard about various kind of stress-release method such as meditation, exercise, deep breathing, yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts, hobby, sports and etc..well most of the method mentioned in any article were based on scientifically tested researched. meaning it is design in the hope that the practitioner will bring forth the positive outcomes not only to them, but also to themselves. the reason why all these method were being created because ever since the ancient time, the very wise men founded the answer to all this inner-self problem. which is self-control. Confuse? keep on reading.

We human were specially design by the greater power, The God.. The Supreme Consciousness, The Center of all Energy, The One Mind.. or any term that you like to call. as for me, I believe in God and also in science. Human were unlike machine, but they do behave like one. Now why is that?  we were far more greater than any being on this earth, and why am I saying that we are functioning like a machine? 

Would you agree that if I say human can't live if there is no stress, yet we also can't live if there is too much stress? okay another question. Can you tell me of what do you hate and what do you like about being stress? well get a piece of paper and list down your point/answer. then compare it with what you have achieve so far in your life, does it help you getting better? or getting what you need? or does it getting you more closer into the gutter? well actually I do have more to be share with you. a strangest thing that I've found for the last 3 month. it took me quite a while to decipher it. and when I have finally realize what it is, it gave me such a profound meaning and new view on what life is and what it takes to live a life.

huh? boring? Okay, let us jump straight to the bottom. now stress management. just now you have reading all the thing that i Have mention on above, and you gradually getting annoyed for every second because the more you read, the more it getting out of topic. and so you might as well lose your patient. for those who experience such thing. Yes, you are having stress. and for those who're still in relax state. congratulation. you do have a firm foundation of self-control. therefore for those who're stress. let us continue.

As I have mention, there are lots of stress management method have being design in order to help individuals to cure their rotten soul. Now why am i saying that? and just now I'm saying that we are similar to machine. why? 

Imagine a Helicopter weight 1 or 2 ton, or probably more.. landed on a field. it suppose to carry 10 person per flight. add in the pilot on the driver seat that makes 11 of them.. and so let us imagine that this helicopter fly towards a certain village. and that village were in a terrible shape due to tsunami. hundreds and thousand of men die because of such tragedy and there is only 12 survivor, hanging on their dear life on top of the roof while the rest of the area within the village were destroyed and flooded with sea water.

Now this helicopter were suppose to save all this people but as I mention before, it can only take 10 people per flight. you might as well suggest that this helicopter can take off with the first 10 people first back to the base then return to retrieve the rest. well logically that's the easiest solution. but in reality, while the helicopter return with the first 10 people, the level of water getting higher and there is probability that the roof of the house might be collapse any moment, so as a pilot, you were left with 1 option, that is to save them all, and leave the rest to die. the question is, who? now isn't that frustrating?

Hahaha.. now that is the kind of stress I am talking about? how about you? surely you are not facing any life treat situation kind of stress? well actually there are 4 type of category stress management. the first one is the one that you always read in self-development book or programs or any thing you may found in the internet. deep breathing, yoga and blablabla.. actually it is the best way for you to cope your stress. to put it simple, you were practicing a white magic, you're doing good for your self as well for the other. you are walking on the righteous path, a path where you may as well need to endure pain and suffering then at the end, you found your peace, nirvana, enlightement or anyway you want to describe it.

The second method, can be still categorized in positive way to cope your stress problem, but it might be quite nasty and sarcastic. and usually this is what the superhero that you've seen in TV do everyday. be a superman, batman, power rangers, masked rider or whatsoever you like. gather your strength and take action upon your cause of stress, by taking action on your main problem. if you have problems with your boss at work, well go straight to him or her. and face them.. you might as well end up with a good talk with them, make them understand, make them realize that you're having a great burden and you require their attention for help. won't work? well 2nd scenario.. go straight to meet them and punch them on the face. nah, jobs done.. but that can only cure your stress for a while. what i meant in this 2nd category is, you need the COURAGE when you want to deal with it. do it your own way, and just DO IT.

3rd category is kinda negative one, I advise you not  to follow this kind of instruction, but yeah it is the best way to release your stress. you will be utterly in a happy shape, satisfied, and relieve. but you'll bring disaster to your own body, and the people as well. do you understand what I mean? alright, what I mean is, some people do take a shortcut when dealing problems in their life. for example, drug, alcohol, pil, revenge, stealing, and anything that you can consider as a crime in your head. are you thinking " I won't do that even if I'm desperate". good, very good.. you do know how to think as a normal human being. but how about those who're not? do you think it is their fault of why they did all these cirme in the first place? they did it because most of them have to, they are desperate, and desperate were trigger by stress.

4th category, self-improvement.. a far more better solution and it is derived from 1st category.. a positive one.Now let me tell you this. having stress is like a test. let us think that God maybe want to test us, because soon when we die, we will walk and come forth to meet Him.. and bringing our files on right arms. filled with all of our life-time record.. about what we've did, our greatest moment, our greatest achievement. and our greatest despair, and how we cope from it. and so God shall look upon our "resume" and decided the judgment onto us. please do remember this. God is Almighty, and so there is high chance that there maybe more secret that only in the after can only know but not us in this living world..  and so to those who excel in their life time, God awards him/her.. and to those who're failed, off you go to hell, and to those who're average, well, it's so-so. now can you complain about it to God? saying something like "eh, I suppose to have more than this! I sacrifice a lot when I am alive! it just because of such mistake I...." now who told you to sacrifice? don't you ever think of why God gave you lots of time to live? a Fly can only lived for 24 hours yet it using the most of the time to live as best as it could. a Dog live for approximately 12 years or so, yet it can perform the best of it's capability when it comes to it's master defense against bad guys. what? still don't understand? oh..
let us think of our moment in primary school, junior high school till the end of high school.. including college life? it is all about having a good grade. then when we return home.. our parents will check on our result. and their behaviour depends on how many A's we've got.. or how many E's we got.. we got 7 A's in UPSR, PMR, and SPM.. we get rewarded.. but if we failed? we get grounded instead. see? we get such grade because we passed/failed the test!! the examination!, and those test/exam is the STRESS. the same thing goes in our daily life. ever since the moment when we're born until the end of our life, God want to see either we're the best creation, product, human that He's created.. well He's already gave us lots of valuable and priceless gift (our body, our mind, parents, life, born as a human, dream, ambition, you name it). and now He want to see whether we can function well or not. maybe some of humans only last for several second right after He/She was borned.. or maybe some of us lived a longer life. so to those who lived a long life, when you die..  You need to present the best achievement you've ever made to God. yeah God is Almighty and He already knew about the outcomes. so? still stress? live with it, cope with it, and evolved from it. as human we need to learn from problems, because without problems, there ain't no discovery, and without discovery, there ain't no achievement, and without achievement, there will be no better life.

that's all from me tonight.. I'm Deideian and Goodnight to all of you..

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