Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lagu Maybe OST Dream High [cover version and dimodified]

Lagu Maybe OST Dream High [cover version and dimodified]

Berdetak jantungku...
Pabila kau dekat..
Apakah dirimu?
Merasa begitu?
I'm getting crazy..
What's wrong? Please can you tell.. will you?

Ku Bagaikan dungu
Bila bersamamu
I don't what to do Bila di depanmu..
Oh, can't you notice?
The way I always care for you..

MaybeI'm in love?
Maybe You're the one? (maybe i'm not)
Siapa yang tahu?
and probably it's only me, yeah

Maybe it is true?
Kau juga begitu..
Terhadap diriku?
Baby I'm in Love with you

No one knows whether it is true
Antara dirimu dan diriku..
I'm sure we both feel Love
It's the answer from above
sedarlah sayang, bahawa aku..
Mendambakan dirimu~

(ulang reff/chorus)

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