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'Projek Semasa & Kenapa hatiku girang' by Deideian

ho-yo, it's been a long time since the last entry being put in this lousy blog of mine, hey.. wait a minute.. it's not even a post, it's just a lyric that I've altered from K-drama soundtrack. And yeah welcome to Deideian's blog, where you can find lot's of unusual story in here (unless you're stumble across this blog and plan to leave right away, bye bye). "Yesterday I may write a lot, but hey I gradually found out that the more often I write and post my entry within a short time, the less quality it is for me and of course to the readers". Frankly speaking, the main purpose for me to have a blog is to save every 'valuable' thing in my thought and experience into this. as time past by, I... Alright stop!! stop!! the introduction is too long and dull and it's got nothing to do with the Title. now let's get stright to the point.

1) What is your current activity? / what are you doing right now?
hmm.. me? well this month (February 2011), as I'm waiting in vain for a glimpse of chance to be posted as teacher (yes I'm teacher-to-be. I'm very confident that I'm outstanding in my field of expertise, mathematics)
I've tried a hell lot of things such as selling jersey, teaching tuition (currently I have 14 students ^_^), song writing ( compose several, neh.. nothing much to be brag on), playing guitar.. being active in church and youth activities ( it's fun and I love my God ), writing resume ( mostly for my family, I wrote for them, they got the job, yet I'm not), and blablablabla..

2) What is the latest and most interesting you do currently?
   heh, currently i do some drawing and  guess what? I've succeeded publish 2 chapter of my 'manga' ( Japanese comic style) in my Facebook, up until now I've come with the plots and character creation by my self but now for Chapter 3, I've got my self a partner. Mr Kelvin Harry to help me with script and storyline.
the comic is based on real character and it's about how they survive after being suck into another 'world'.. I can't tell you more than this, wanna know? check it out if your a friend of mine in facebook and... if you know how to speak in Iban.. sorry, the comic is in Iban language, so 'tewaslah lu' if you can't understand it ^_^. and moreover, I'm feeling grateful to my readers (either you're the reader of my blog or my comic).. thank you very much for your 'attention' and show interest in my piece of work (I'm referring to my comic, not blog).

3) How old are you and what's in your mind right now?
now this is something, technically I'm 25 this year, and yeah my appearance doesn't seem so. most people said that I look like a kid/teen/brat etc.. but Hey, judge someone before knowing them properly is the same as judging whether the crocodile is dead or not ( Idiot person: hello mr croc, are you.. NGAP!! die instantly).. eh? too harsh? okay let say such people judging others like looking at the books cover. what's in my mind? I'm struggling right now, and I'm hoping that 'they' succeeded in their mission as they represent the rest of my folks to see the higher up, then if things go well, I can become Teacher! if not? well, adakah anda ingin berkempen di sarawak? senang.. you scratch my back, and i scratch yours.. then both of us be even, win-win situation..

4) What kind of person are you?
I describe myself as a very decent person (uwekk), well it's just my own assumption, to those who never met me, you may thought that I'm no fun and unfriendly, perhaps, ever heard of multiple personality, well I don't suffered from such illness but my case is very similar. Again, I describe my self as water, and everythings around my consider as 'Temperature' or 'Container'. if your shape is Square, hexagon, pentagon or any gon gon gon.. I'l be in the same state too.. if you're cold, I'll become as icy as I can get. Hot? you'l get the idea. oh ya, speak about stubbornness, sometimes I like it (if and only if it is in the good way or for good purpose), if you stubborn for some imbecile and crackpot reason; mm.. today when I drove in front of elementary school in my village, there's a dog lying on the road, and there's a lot of car passing by my side so I can't avoid it, and I slow down and stop in front of the I'm-the-king-of-this-road like dog.. it just kept on lying there, not avoiding me at all. so I drove slowly on top of it and I heard it howling in agony.. oh, what a tragedy, as I kept on 'driving' and in the same time killing, I hit the break and peer out from window (the dog still under the tires) and wondering "are u alright"?.. imagine a killer stab his victim with a knife while saying 'are you alright?' yet in the same time kept on stabbing? hahahahaha.... well, actually I'M JUST KIDDING, THE DOG STILL ALIVE AS I DROVE TO THE SIDE TO AVOID IT.. next time, I may run over it, hmm, tomorrow maybe?

5) Do you have a plan for your life?
Absolutely, a short term and long term

6) Can I know  person who're very dear to you?
Cannot.. she is watermelon (what is that?, hey, it's a code and only Chinese know how to read it)

7) What is your name?
read the title of my blog

8) How often do you shave?
every 3 days, Why? ( you want to lend my shaver?)

9) Gamers?
Sort of, but not often

10) Are you a fan of 'Harry Potter'? I've read one of your entry about it.
Oh yes, I am.. are you? well I enjoy reading all 7 of it very much, most of my time be spend peering over the glass of bookstore years ago just because wanna have a look at Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (that is when I'm in form 4 actually), being a brat and penniless, I save every cent I've got from parents for about 6 month!! 6 month!! having breakfast at 5.30 a.m, go to school, survive only drink from water tab while watching my classmate enjoy hot and spicy chicken wings + donuts shimmers with sugar coat.. oh..and as I always back home around 5 or 6 p.m, while wating for father come back from work, having dinner at 7 or 8.. ( frioends of mine: no wonder you're so skinny Dien)  which is why i dare any of you to compete with me, NEVER GAVE ANY LAME EXCUSE WHEN IT COMES TO FASTING!! (BERPUASA).. oh yes I do enjoy the magic, the friendship, romance, combat.. I say everything is in Harry Potter books.. Apart from Bible though.. hehe (recently I'm reading several series such as Percy Jackson, eldest, braim, eragon, and etc)

Above is the list of question I've pick from my email..  actually the question has been sent to me long time ago, ( sorry for being late, I'm not so active in blogging nowadays).

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