Friday, August 5, 2011

Time Limit

well well well.. there's a good reason of why I'm choosing this topic for today..  as we speak (as I'm writing I suppose), I'm currently conducting my own home based tuition session with my students. this time I'm using a bizarre method of teaching which I called "Time-Attack". I found that working under stressful situation can ultimately boost one capability and their performance to the highest.. probably optimum? well I'm still experimenting with it thought, I'll let you all know later on. Oh yes there's always a time limit for everything that exist in this world.. none of the thing that we perceive so far remain 'immortal' apart from History itself.. one can only be Immortal when he or she doing a great thing in their life, and so craft their name as one of the famous and legendary person in history. hahaha.. what am I mumblling about.. bah see you later

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