Monday, December 12, 2011

GMB Concert in Miri Christmas Parade 2011!!!

Hello~ Hello~ to all the Dudes and Chicks out there, howdy eh? ahaha, it's beena while since our last meeting (when is it? I don't think so lo..) heh, recently I'm kind of busy with all the works and my own stuff, too much entertainment.. yes.. indeed.. ENTERTAINMENT.. hahahaha well, last last week I've attend a Christmas Event in Miri, which is on 3rd December (hoo.. so long time ago liao), I'm not going to comment anything or going to tell any funny story to you all.. I'll let you see the photo.. and what's more there's a performance from Christian Group from Indonesia - Giving My Best, and yes.. 80% from the audience miss the chance to meet this awesome group due to heavy rain. as for me, I manage to take all the videos of their performance (except the last one).. hohoho, by the way, Happy Christmas to you all, be good and don't be naughty..

Picture of Christmas Parade 2011

My Youth Member.. hoho (all girls lor) 


Friend of mine ( hoho, all white) 

Big Bos: Kelvin and me

hoyo hoyoyoyoyo, wait a second, don't leave this page yet, aren't you want to watch GMB performance? nah I've got about 5 videos of them (all were recorded in HD quality haha), but I'll going to put only two in here.. hohoho enjoy~

hohoho, this video only available at

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