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Travel and Living: Sabah Friendly Trip

Ho ho ho merry Christmas (although not yet), I guess everybody is busy at the moment where everyone is rushing to finish up their work while in the same time cross finger, hoping their leave application approve by bosses.. hahaha. To those who're still single, congrats to you for you still got the chance to celebrate New Year and also Christmas in such a merry way yet crazy because there's lot of stuff we can do when we celebrate and there's nobody at home will scold us for being drunk ( unless you got some serious girlfriend/boyfriend or parent waiting in front of your door).

Bah!! Sabah!! yes yes I've been there ( and I won't say when but it's happen in this very December), after working for the past 5 month, saving and saving till my $$ reach the peak of my pocket. At last, the moment for traveling happen for real!! and this is my first traveling trip together with friend ( usually got traveling a lot with family during holiday and also during my time in University). so here's the picture of my trip to Sabah

All 8 members of Trip to Sabah ( btw, I like this picture Raphael!!)

On our very first day in Sabah, we stay at Cititel Express Hotel, where all 8 of us live in 3 separate room 
( tsk, tsk, girls got bigger room than guys huhu), what's more convenience is there's lot of food stall/court we can find around the hotel area so there's no problem for us to dine whenever we want to.

traveling is something, because of being too excited, we happen end up 'patrolling' around the whole city, by foot!! yes.. walking like hell, but still worth it ( I bought my self 2 pairs of funny glasses hehe)

In Philippine Market, oh not the actual one in Manila, but at Sabah's Waterfront, we had a nasty dinner where Reynold and me have our meal while bathing with sweat at the same time!! ( I thought that brown jug beside me is chocolate, turns out it is Belacan, thank God I didn't drink it)

One of Highlander's market at Ranau

The 3 Stooges

finally I'm able to see it with my self, the Highest Mountain in Sabah, next trip, going to climb it!!

what are we doing?

Oh!!! flower!!! huahuahua

I love this shot, Thanks again to my friends who taken this shot

Eh? British? Australia? well, this is Kundasang War Memorial Park, the place is quite pretty, best for mind relaxation yet very cold too..

Ya jangan pijak dia. nanti ia mati..

Someday I'm going to build my self a house in here, hopefully la..

hahahahahaha!! The Titan's in Action

Photography session with one of my new friend, Mr DD.. He's a photography enthusiast.. almost all of our member bring their own DSLR during this trip.. I left my own in Sarawak at this moment.

hahahaha!! dunno what to say.. oi Pok!! so sorry, haven't edit this picture yet!!

After shot, everyone busy checking their own photo

see? beautiful isn't it?

We arrive at the Jesselton Port the next day (day 3), planning to go to Manukan Island

Upon our arrival, there's already lots of tourist at the moment, well all in all, it's good to come here

And yes, we have a good time where my friend and I snorkeling together, watching all sort of beautiful fish swimming around the coral and rocks under the sea bed.. oh!!

waseh!! she is so tall ( er Miss? how come you can be so tall?)

Actually there's a story, almost tragic yet funny during our trip to Manukan Island, perhaps I write about it in another post later.. by the way, I'm happy for being able to travel with my friends..

That's all I can share for now, well we're planning our next trip to... er... I dunno.. when the times come, I let you know!! hahaha

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wynonakris said...

waaa best! wish to go there one day...

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nice!! thumps up!! i wanna hear some more from this ..

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