Monday, February 6, 2012

Lovely February

For several week, I've been struggling to get my self to blog, literally about anything, but somehow the mood and the excitement for blogging slowly faded as I'm about to start on it, I still remember vividly last two weeks when I've suddenly got the drive to blog about my previous trip to Brunei and Sabah, by road-trip. And yes, in the end I hate my self for being too lazy to type even a single word in this blog.

Tonight finally I realize what my mistake is, I 'work' in a very comfortable place -> my bedroom. And usually whenever I go for online, I'll end up sleeping and the next thing in the morning, I will wondering on what I'm about to do last night. hahahah.. So I encounter this problem by shifting my work place to somewhere else, I relocated my self in kitchen. lol

now let me share with you what had happen to me in the past few weeks, which is happen exactly in January 2012.

I really like this photo, nice composure and it totally bring out the mood of travelling yet at the same time enjoy the scenery around me.
I'm officially had set my foot in Sipitang!! huahuahua

Back to School!! hahaha, the only chinese school in Weston Town, Southern of Sabah

Bandar Sri Begawan

I try to pose, but end up cracking up with my friend in the end hahaha
See? there's not even a soul lingering around here.. hmm

There's nothing much I can say about this country, one thing for sure, it is very peaceful and clean.

Hey! move aside!! let me pass!! damn that even have their meeting conference in the middle of the road.

Right after work, I hangout with my youth member, it seems awkward for me for being the only guy hanging out with the girls, but hey, they're good buddies of mine.

This picture I took on my way back after strolling in Miri town, sadly the quality of photo is very poor because  I use compact camera.

That is what I can summarize within this one month duration, now I'm kinda thinking about getting serious in photography, comic?, or perhaps write frequently in this blog. bah who knows.. take care everyone.

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