Sunday, March 4, 2012

Run out of Water liao

Yes.. Yes.. Miri got no water due to Oil pollution.. according to the latest report--> 14k liter of oil tumpah liao into Sungai Liku. and so so? the minute people get the hang onto this matter, the town suddenly become very busy whereby lots of people rushing here and there, hunting for water supply..

I've receive direct order from my Commander right after I finish my work and I have went to several places in Miri, Hunting for Water.. gahahah.. Morsjaya, Luak, Miri town, Suncity, Centre point.. and blablabla... yay!!! but I only manage to get 3 bottles... at least I've manage to get some ( after berebut ngan sorang minah kat area luak.. sempat nya nyebut cibai ngan aku.. gahahah)

Thank God My Big Bos already well inform about this matter earlier than other people.. gahahah.. that's the power of having 'Kaki' everywhere... not only we got lots of water, but somehow we got swimming pool weih.. so dun worry, within this two days.. We'll survive.. (but not you)

Today is the 5th day after I resign and somehow I feel refreshing.. got some new goal to look forward to.. and so once again we return to the first chapter ( this Time I'll win for sure!! huargh!!!!) of my life.. still do some planning, but at the same time aim to get several part time job ----> currently work as a Tutor at tuition centre.

********************************* I Is not Like But Love You ********************* ******

Side Story:

Once upon a time, me pusing pusing, me fikir.. of some great ideas.. yet me need to conform my own ideas first.. so here comes several sifu of mine to ajar, one of the is the Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Mr Kiyosaki yo!!!!

hahaha sorry for typing it in Broken English, yeah I've got my self this new book. And I'm kind of really into it.. in layman terms, totally suck into it. Yes, Buy it 2 days ago, now I just realize that learning about Financial can be so enjoyable and inspiring too!!! oh My God!! I'm going to be RICH!!! <---- I've said this for how many times whenever I read that book,

******************************** I is Not The Like You ****************************

Mai kacau, me want to tido.. Zzzzz.. mars is bright tonight

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