Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shoot till Death

  During these past few days, I'm completely drown in my own thought.. there's a lot of thing had happen lately and I guess my brain has gone hay-wire due to over-thinking.

Swimming is one of the best way to relax, it helps me to free all the negative vibe in m head and body once a week. I frequently go for swimming with my little brother, m sister also whenever she's around. sometimes I just go for cuci mata. watching all the cutie having fun with their friends or family. make me grinning broadly for doing such a stupid yet genius at the same time kind of activity. haha chill~

Sometimes when I'm got stress, I will desperately try to find something that can totally distract my thought from any problem, I play games mostly hahah, look at the picture below, I realize that I tend to give my all whenever I do something that I loe. siap menjerit lagi tu kawan masa sedang tembak zombie gahaha.. haiyah!! Shoot all of them!! shoot till dead!! eh wait, they're akready dead.. blow them up!! Dstroy!!! ratatatatatatatatata!!! ( bunyi machine-gun)

Wnna race?

this is me with an old version of Phua chu kang ahahaha.. just kidding, it's one of our fella worker in our company, I respect this person for he knows all about technical work. this kind of person, if you ask them:" what is you experience?" one word... Ngecat Langit.. that's it, that's the correct way to put it.

Nonsense, there's no such thing as over-thinking

Owh Yes it is, which is why crazy people do exist on this earth. now back to our main topic. Yes, as I am about to burst due to 'over-whatever-something-it-is'. I also have develop a new habit.. or should i say hobby? no no no.. it's better to call it addiction.
The thing is, my level of focus decreasing over the time, when it comes to work, preparing reports, watching television, reading books. I only doing it half way. unlike last time. I never failed to read any books from cover to cover.

Thank God today I am able to ease my mind from all the trouble. alas, I've got a chance to do some nitresting so-called-project with several friends of mine. it is something that we intend to do since the past 2 years. kehkehkeh, I won't reveal it in here, it would spoil the fun. my friends and I had this meeting today, after went through a few detail. we finally got ourself several conclusion. hmm..


While I'm typing this, I'm currently wathing 'Season of the Witch' by Nicholas Cage. the story plot is quite intense though, oh well there's nothing much to do apart from being lazy in front of TV.. hey do you have any good books to read? hahaha ,merepek sudah..

this year, hopefully there's another chance for me to go travelling like last year, travelling in groups is very fun neh~, uuuh I missed those moment, especially when I set my feet at Ladang tenusu in kundasang area, I love the cold atmosphere, the green, the.. the.. every 'the' that i can't describe over there lah!

This year suppose to go to Singapore... uhuhu.. sadly got no friends to go with.. Now all i can do is to criss my finger and pray for any miracle.. gahaha, sooner of later, I will be in Singapore.. you'll see.


I've bought lots of DVD and books.. struggling to get out of boredom. Job? yes I have a complete faith in God and myself, that.. I will land on an interesting and well/high paid salary soon. don't know why do I'm saying that, it just that I have no worries at all when it comes to this thing. it's not to say that I'm a care-free type of person.

As for movies, I already watch 'Chronicle' and 'Ghost Rider', as for those who are movie enthusiast, I suggest you to .. either to buy a very big plasma or L.E.D flat screen TV.. 52 inch maybe? or.. you can just spend your good money on something else. unless you prefer to watch the movies in a huge cinema, dark and cold.. wearing 3D glasses, having popcorn and cokes, while sitting next to your dear one.. the BOOM!! the monster suddenly appear on screen, and both of you jump and hugging each other. oh so romantic.. 9 uwekk.. ci-tut~).

just now I got back from church after teaching bible study for  kids, age ranging from 9 till 13 years old. today my way of teaching is easy yet effective haha.. thanks to my friend who share the tip on how to silent the naughty student this evening.

ah ngantuk, me sleep sleep first ya?.. I is love you!!

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