Thursday, July 5, 2012

Breaking Dawn (not twilight, but me myself)

Slowly but clearly, I almost there, yes that is the feeling that continuously developing inside of my chest for the past few month, or should I say years.. it's been a while since the last entry but you guys surely wouldn't want to read any tiny witty story, so here goes my tale, perhaps if I'm more motivated, I'll do this often, I mean writing. a wise thought once cross my mind, "if there's any even a slightest chance of opportunity, grab it before it's too late". and so I've been kept on holding on this crazy idea of mine, I've been re-telling these story again and again from my previous post. perhaps due procrastination, things were stuck in the middle of somewhere. and here I am, at the age 26.. suddenly realize this big question popping inside my head..

Where and What am I suppose to go and to do?

years ago I do dream of becoming this and that, and still, I am still holding to that very dream of mine.. and so I keep on waiting, for something, for an opportunity, a strike of gold, but I realize without doing anything, that's just the same as "just talk", or a Big Lie.. nah whatever..

patiently I've been doing research on my own, well it's not a secret actually but it is a path that most people want to avoid, yet such path leads towards true freedom. I can't say anything more about this subject since I haven't succeed on it yet but I am very close enough to do so, and that is the reason why I write again for today.

Talking about life, love, career, luxury, fun, travel and etc.. I want to share about my experience for the past few month. a couple of month ago I was working at this tuition center and I've made some stuff, let's say it's a little bit mess for our employer and then blablabla, She decided to let me go although it is I who brought almost .. er how many? 8? 17? well a hell lot of students to join her tuition center. yeah I did a lot of word of mouth promotion.. and it is FREE.. well that's what happen in a real world. things don't just happen like what we always saw in movies, heroes kick the villains but and get praise for his or her heroic action.. no no, in the real world.. there's only got 2 stuff that balancing, influencing each other.. sentiment (which lead to lots of stuff), and business (not that merchant kind of business).. hoh I'm done

at the same time, it's been a month since I landed on this job as relieve teacher, ah I don't know what's the correct spelling but it's similar as a temporary teacher, only that the standard duration of working is 3 month or so. the best part that since I got a degree, so the pay is quite.. "okay". and the sad part is, they only pay after I completed my service at that school. and... shockingly, I got this breaking news on one morning when I was at the school, I've happen to know that the teacher that I'm suppose to relieve suddenly transfer to peninsular in such a short notice and yeah, I do felt insecure. so right after school holiday, I went to meet this penolong kanan (how to translate it into English? Helping Righty? hahaha) and she said that I'm to be terminated and be given only 3 days notices. I felt so lost, yet I manage to pull a smile and say thanks for informing. what a miserable ways of knowing stuff. and until now, I kept on waiting.. for my paycheck (it's that a correct spelling?, forgive me if it's wrong).

Thank God.. Thank God I've got this another job right after I got dismiss from that school, and this time.. again I become a relieve Teacher, but at the other school, much further away from my home. complicated, quite challenging (lots of paper works and documentation, isn't it the same thing? eh?) and this time the duration of services is way much longer compare from the previous 'contract' hahaha..

and still I'm continuing my research, and yesterday I decided to finally made my second move, and my preparation towards 'greater good' is around 60% to completion. perhaps it'll be simple but I'm all excited about this, it's been a while since the last I'm really pump up when doing something. I vow to give it all since this is what I've prayed for, God has shown me the way, supply me with all the excitement, bitterness, tragic and sweet experience, combine together I then know exactly what I'm going to do..

I miss my students at my former school though, although they were kind of nasty but they are adorable in someway. my Sis once told me that I've got a knack on how to handle kids compare to adults, whereby I'l be getting all rigid and formal whenever there's an adult around, interacting with me.

Like I said, my dreams were so big that urge me to put it into a piece of paper, and so within this week. I'll make sure that I'll create a splendid Business Plan to start up my own journey and walla, I'll be writing more in future..

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Fareiny Morni said...

Your opportunity will come. I suggest you try to apply to teach at universities because at least it's easier to join compared to becoming a teacher =). Good luck and all the best!

Deideian said...

ya haha, thank you Mdm!!! I'll appreaciate it!

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