Sunday, July 15, 2012

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

On last Thursday, my brother and I went to watch this brand new rebooted superhero movie, The Amazing Spider-Man. I intend to watch it on Wednesday because the ticket price is cheaper but somehow got stuck with something and I got to do this silly work for school (I’m not paid for it). And so let us get back to this Spidey stuff, before long, we were already accustomed onto the idea of.. Peter Parker is Tobey Mcguire. 

Tut tut several years has pass by and Sony’s Spider-Man already on its 3rd sequel. Where Tobey Parker battle and kick the Sand-Man and Venom’s ass.. I don’t know wheter you notice this but, in the previous saga, we often heard the oh-I’m-so-vulnerable Mary Jane Watson, screaming endlessly as the Hero swinging here and there, dancing with the enemy and then win the battle, with no difficulties.. (People: says who??? Liar!!!) oh yes yes he did injured, but not that um... I don’t know how to describe it, but the former Spider is much more unrealistic, nerdy, yet STRONGER.. yes he is.. 

By far more stronger than the brand new Spider.. Nah it’s not that I’m here to compare. But those two actors do have their own strength and weaknesses.  
Our new hero, thanks to the director also, has display and breath in an interesting, innocent, teenage drama love wannabe, and so Spider version did not focus too much on how the Spider attain his power, but more to his emotional state, his sense of obligation, his journey in searching what he suppose to do, rather than focusing on taking revenge. 

In this movie, we saw another side of Parker, who’ve good heart but by the same time, letting us the audience to experience once again, the sweet life of 17 years old, where at that time most of us were eager to prove ourselves, shy and clueless when we’re meeting with someone that we love, the feeling of being separated and in the same time part of us were ripped when our love ones when killed or gone.

 See it for yourself, I can’t describe all of the content in this movie into words. But I believe that once you watch this, you’ll be happy.. in certain way. For those who prefer only violence and action, blood and screaming, this movie is not for you haha, I bet you’re the most boring person in the world.
By the way, that’s all for now.. blah blah blah bye~

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