Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The rain poured heavily out there, as i heard thousand drop of water fall off from Heaven onto the roof of my house.. and as i listen to "Billionaire" by Travis Mccoy, i felt free to write something. So here we go again, welcome and happy reading to everyone! ( such a childish act heh!)... yea yea, a new story shall be written in the next few minutes. so hang on ya~ hahaha

Our story begin early on Tuesday morning, a young man (it's me :P) was awoken by his little brother, urging him to wake up so that the young lad come out from his chamber and have some breakfast before off sending the lil Prince to the school, let us call this man as "Dien" shall we? (it's me again hahahah). Dien, involuntarily rise from his messy bed, walk out from the room in slow pace or shall we say " slumber steps". do u get what i mean? it's your problem ^^. and so he's out, a blinding flash of light from the living room pierce into his puffy eyes and the sleepy face automatically contorted into grimaced kind of expression. Whossh! someone past his shoulder, that "someone" is Dien's father, let us call him Mr. D. Dien's father walk silently and gracefully towards the kichen, drilling his own ear with cotton bud, releasing tons of dirt within. Mr. D is as tall as his own son.. wearing white singlet and dark-blue towel on his waist, enter the gent' room or toilet if we're using a harsh way to describe it (since our house dont put "Gent" and "Lady" sign onto the washroom door). Dien, still blur and unfocused, walking towards the sink and have a quick-cleaning, he rinse his face with water from pipes and then freeze, he's trying to remember something, the memory of that something is very vivid, it seem very hard for the newly awaken brain to re-call the dream that he had last night.. yes, the dream.. Dien remember several hour before he went to sleep last night, he was reading a PDF version of book though his laptop. The book entitled "The Secret".. it explain lots of unexpected thing, things that human should know but they didn't.. and as he sleep, the very moment before his brain turn to standby mode; he's doing stuff that he had learn from the book. Then... he remember about being able to hear his very own heartbeat.. very clearly, and he's able to feel the flow of blood rush through his vein, his pulse, his muscle, and everything move in such synchronicity and then he's off to the realm of dream. before we start on his dream, it is likely to be state that dreams is very unique and hard to be interpret, it contain an information which is very subjective--> somehow it reflect the strongest desire within the person who had it, meaning it reflected the very personality of the person himself. And so in our case, Dien see what he desire in his dream, himself in future. Bath in the light of happiness, love and success, and power too. And the rest of the dream are too private to be share in this blog, hohoho. " abang! anjung ku!" said the lil brother, Damien. "okeh" replied Dien, realizing that the time shows 6.25 a.m. Dien went outside to meet the rest of his family; his father, lil brother, and sister. the motorcycle already rumbling, waiting for it's master to ride. after Damien saying goodbye and kiss his father on both cheek, he's off with his Big Bro toward the school on that yellow Honda Wave. as usual, Dien drove very carefully all along the way to the school. arrive and park near their mom's stall, their mom Mrs. AB smile at them, waving and urging her youngest son to come and hug her, while Dien, after positioning the bike on it's double-stand, walk gracefully towards both of them while Damien's bag-pack swinging on his right shoulder and a bottle of orange-syrup on left. lots of brat and their parents were on the market, and as Dien's mom entertain the customer, Damien ask for pocket money ;" mak! meri ku RM2? kenak ku meli mee legi!". his lovely lil voice were shrilly as ever. "auk legi ku meri nuan time rehat legi, nuan tok makai jak temu" replied her mother in a very kind voice and at the same time kiss Damien's forehead before asking her eldest son; "ma ga Atek?" in such a demanding tone. "nyapu... nyumai..." replied Dien calmly; "am yen, mupok tua". after bid goodbye to their mother, Dien walk his brother to the class. all along the way, people from the neighborhood swarming the school front yard, sending their own child to school of course. after leaving and saying goodbye to his lil brother in class ( i wont say which class is that), Dien leave immediately as he noticed the weather's darkening and several drops of rain land on his plam and his face.. back in house, Dien found that his father already left to work and then set to bathroom to take shower. several minutes later, he's out from his bedroom, wearing black shirt and short pants. bringing his laptop to dining table and switch it on.. the two first page that he open to is his own facebook and his blog.. this blog hahaha.. and then? you know then what'll happen next.. he's writing this story of course!

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