Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DSLR : my dream camera

Welcome to all visitors, how are you today? hopefully you're in good shape. today as I view my photos in laptop [recently my family and I went to Putrajaya for a vacation - sorta :) ].. and so I noticed that lots of my precious photo were ruined, not because of virus or anything, but it's because of poor performance from my current digital camera + lack of skill in photo snapping technique. I'm a camera + photography enthusiast person where I would snap at anything that I found pretty. Some of my shot were outstanding [because of tripod haha], and the rest? well, to put it in layman term, we call it "shaken".

Ever since I was teenager, I truly desire to own a complete set of DSLR, let me repeat, "complete", I've once ask about this to a friend of mine [her name is Junita, if you're reading this, smile :)]. I remember she said that it cost me at least ten thousand plus ( RM10K ++, Malaysia Currency). and I was just.. "wha? oh.." well although it cost a fortune, yet I believe it's best to invest onto such thing because it'll benefit me [and maybe you as well] in future.

I once owned a BenQ C500 series, I think I'm the only person who're still using such an old fashion camera when I'm still in University. I saw my friend [those who share the same interest like me but awfully rich] own a DSLR. And the quality of photos that they shot is superb. I envy them for living a luxury life haha, nah someday I'll get my self one of this beauty too. but now I'm using my father's camera, SONY DCS-S2000, well the performance and the quality of pictures produce by this camera is quite okay. it has several interesting function such as smile detector and etc.. you know..

But still, I prefer DLSR, because I presume that anybody who have the knack and enthusiast in photo shooting, yet not having one of this, it's a sin.. hahaha just kidding.. now to those who're familiar with DSLR, you might find that there's nothing special about this article. but to those who don't know or just getting started. I reckon that you to continue on reading. now let me show you several pictures that iIacquired from my friend. check it out.

Thank you Yvonne. :)

[disclaimer: I have permitted by the owner of this picture to use her photo on this blog, and it is only for article writing purpose]

Well as you see, the pictures on above were totally superb [according to my own standard haha], for I see the way how photographer manage to distinguish her and the background, and in the same time revealed the beauty and the nature of Asian-like woman through this shot. again, in layman term, I say "beautiful".

As time pass by, I noticed that the price of DSLR is getting cheaper, cheap dslr cameras? my God, I've got to see this, and so I rush to the nearest store but then dissapointed, yeah it's true the price is getting cheaper, but cheap dslr is incomplete, what I mean to say is, some of it only offer the "main" body for sale, not including the lenses, lighting tools and others.

gradually I save my money little by little for this divine wish of mine. but hey, even though I do have thousand cash in my hand. how do I know which one is the best for me? I consider my self as a newbie because I never get my hand on one of this dslr camera. and so I started to ask around, I look for series of dslr comparison, and learn on how to handle it through dslr guide and dslr tips. I also ask my friends about what type of  the best dslr for beginners? one of my companion, [Kelvin Harry, peace pok] mention that for a starter, it best for me to aim for brands like canon dslr and nikon dslr. now I just love to type this word "dslr" because I truly want this camera hahaha.. my mother said; if you really wish for something, and by any means connect ourself onto that thing/goal. certainly we'll achieve it no matter how or when is it.

and this is several pictures that I took during my vacation. well although the quality is moderate, but hey I've tried the best I can to make it look nice in picture.. so here it is.

ahahaha, what a joke, actually at the time of this photo was taken, the light from my Sony camera failed against the background light on top of me, and so the result makes the pictures seems kinda dark yetlight clear around me and the otter figures. for your information, the location where I took this picture was in Aquaria, KLCC.. [ I just came back from my convocation trip :) ].

I fell in love in one of the latest dslr model. nikon d5000 dslr but they sell the component on different price. what most expensive about having dslr is it's dslr lens, yes.. I repeat.. dslr lens.. why? because apart from the "body", it plays a major function to help bring the true nature of the photo. and it gave unimaginable performance when it comes to speed shooting. ah I don't want to elaborate more about this, if you really a true dslr lover, I suggest you go search for it online as I did, because if you when and search for it in town, you'll never knew the best for you apart from having listening to the "Taukey" lecturing you about the best but not the "not" in his product.. the best site ever for dslr enthusiast. well I hope you can find what you want as I did.. nah here is the site you can go to--> ShaShinKi.com - Malaysia's Online Camera Shop!

ShaShinKi.com - Malaysia's Online Camera Shop!

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