Sunday, March 27, 2011

Matematik - laluan berdarah dan kejayaan

Tonight I've exploded with anger  because of my little brother, and yeah I do realize being a Teacher would surely give a headache but it is far more stressful when it comes to math. I bet everyone do excel in mathematics but not everyone can teach the subject. which is why I'm very grateful for being sent to Chinese school since I was a kid, not only I'm capable to speak in Mandarin yet acquired strong basic in mathematics.
Learn till you drop dead

Back in the middle school, my interest of studying gradually decreasing, it's normal stuff for everyone to experience, those who realize the important of studying will work their ass till they drop from chair while me (age 13 - 16 at that time) enjoy all the fun of being middle school student and my Math result drop from the top to the bottom of the chart. I usually make fun of our Math teacher as He and She was very strict toward us. it's a common belief that math teacher only care for nerd and Chinese student, we do hate them for being discriminate. luckily I got my self grade 'B' in SPM for math so I pursue my study to STPM.. Then end up in University where I chose teaching as my future profession. at first the reason I pick that option is because of the job market but hey, alas I've found my passion, which is teaching. I also got several other talent but teaching is what suit me best at the moment.

Nowadays, the system of education in Malaysia is getting lousy and not so effective especially when it comes to teaching math subject. why am I saying this? it's because teacher no longer allowed to use 'ROTAN'. the ultimate weapon to tame every delinquent in school and also to nurture every child in order to enhance their critical thinking while solving math problem under the strict regiment. nowadays? ceh, whenever a Teacher lay their hand on a student (mostly because of the student not finishing their homework, being rude and etc), the issue would be brought to council or the parent will make such a ruckus by making police report and etc. after the child graduate from school and grow up to become a 'trash'. there's only one way to say it "ensepi asai'. screw the parents also for being foolish and blinded by  the act of innocent of their child. which is why the percentage of student who enter Universities nowadays are mostly female students. salute to all the women in Malaysia for that. while Malaysian Men? most of the time we always see their glorious moment after they involved in tragic accident (in which they're already dead of course), being burglar, rapist and etc.. only 30% to 20% that still have the intuition to achieve higher ambition. hmm..
(Do it) + (or die) = Deideian

Just now I  taught my little brother (primary 3) to do math, he's excellent when it comes to 'Addition' but Hopeless when it comes to Subtraction.. and so I use the 'soft and caring' approach like what the Ministry of education nowadays always wanted but failed, ( politician.. all the same). So I use traditional way, by yelling and screaming and of course I'm angry for real. My brother finally capable to master such a simple method of subtraction within a short time. hahaha, my method beat all the teachers in school. well.. that's all for tonight. bye

Deideian the Sadistic Math Teacher

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