Friday, February 17, 2012

Ah~ Lega

Good day to everyone, especially you who stumble upon this blog of mine, well Valentines day already past and it is time for us to move one, what's next? that is the most frequent question that even I don't know how to answer, all I can do is to follow the flow of life steadily and hoping that there will be something fun will happen. oh~ sitting and hoping won't hep if there's no action to be taken.  there must be something that I can do to ease this feeling, (uu yeah I'm kind of feeling slightly HOLLOW these few days)

macam initial D 

On last Tuesday, I was..... working, and while my body move, talk, and walk. my head doing something else,
what is it?
well ever since i hand over my resignation letter, I felt that part of my burden, my stress, my everything-that-relate-to-no-good has been lifted. the moment I attached the letter onto my mail and click "SEND". I was smilling.

Crazy aa what? yeah crazy for letting go the easiest job.. and also crazy for letting go of high paid salary.. that's what some people told me, but I don't care, all I really want to do right now is to pursue my dream. and of course I do have several 'cards' to play in my hand, therefore I got no worries when it comes for money.

During my time of working, there are a lot sort of people that I found, remember the previous post that I've wrote regarding my work? ahaha indeed it is way more interesting actually. Say that if I'm to last for a year in this construction industries. I'll be totally brainwash by these kind of ideology.

I've tried to focus all my attention, my interest, my all in this work. Of course I do succeed in most part, well no wonder good teacher in school always remind us to study smart, the same goes in working to. an Individual can get all that he wanted, all the wisdom and knowledge he yearn for, as long as he put his mind into it. And that's what i'm lacking for. the PASSION for it

of course of all people, we do know what we're capable, our strength and our talent THAT WE KNOW is an available asset, not only to perform better in any task, but also to expand our self to be better.

Happy maa.
Wait wait wait,

What am I mumbling for? I'm suppose to write something interesting in here, gahaha.. oh oh yes almost forgot, lately we're planning to have a photo-shoot in Miri, well as a beginner, there's lot to learn when it comes to photography, we're planning to get some friends to be our model, experimenting here and there, ah that's just a plan. wait and see what happen in this coming March lah.

mm ney stoking ku?..

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