Saturday, August 8, 2009

Today’s 5th august 2009

So I want to recall several things and events that I have experience for the past few weeks. It is so lame to write like this so I’ll try making it more simple and fun to read yah? Okay, our story for today start on 25th of July 2009. If I’m not mistaken, it is Saturday, my dear aunt from Sarikei were getting Married to some guy from Pakan area. I’ve never met this guy before but based on what my family have told me (that guy has been interrogate by the whole family, hihihihi), I was surprised to found that he has the same name as my father, Dunstan. But my father is much more handsome that this dude. Ofcourse, that’s why my mum loves him hehe.

So back to our story, my aunt (the one that I live with, currently..), cousins ( her sons), and my sister (we fetch her from UITM on the night of 24th) depart from Kota Samarahan at 9.30 pm (fetching my sister from UITM), it took us 4 or 5 hours or so to reach the destination. The venue for the wedding is my village in Sri Aman, the Hidden Village of Pruan (I’m Iban, descendants’ of the Bloody Headhunters). Reaching our home at 1.30 am, most of our family relative were still dancing merrily at Ruai, yeah we live in a long house (please check in internet if you don’t know what’s long house looks like). I immediately join the party and dance like crazy until 4.00am in the morning.

So on 25th, awake at 7 something in the morning, tons of works and things that need to do before the big event need to be done and I guess that day is very tiring as we work like a bunch of house elf. What a hell, I manage to get some nap at afternoon and then continue to work after two hours of battery charging (for body of course).

Hundreds of people came for the wedding that day, even the contingents from Pakan, Engkelili, Julau, and event Miri came to join the party. Wow, what a shock, I don’t event expect that it would become such a fiesta. The groom’s family hired a band boys for the event. And I’m very shocked to meet several people that I know (friends and family) came also.

The event start at 7 or 8 something in the evening but the main course is around 9 or so because the bride and the groom arrive during that time. And so my cousin and I were being assign to be the paparazzi for that evening. Capturing the couple’s picture like crazy (snap here snap there, flash here flash there), I manage to capture a lot of photo, but due to the quality of picture and also the camera (very poor in performance). I only manage to get several good photos only, saved and edited.

So after serving all the guesses that attend, I change my cloth and sit together with my cousins to watch the performance from the band. We dance and have a good laugh together, it’s a very good memory indeed, being together with family it makes me feel so warm and comfort. Oh how I wish that my parents also here ( they are currently in Miri right now).

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