Saturday, August 8, 2009

1st August 2009, Saturday

This is the most historic day in my life, together my friend and I formed a team called “NexGen for the counter strike competition which is held in OneTj complex in Jalan Song. So the condition of the tournament is; each team must have 5 members; each team must bring their own gear such as, earphone, gaming/optical mouse, keyboard for gaming, and any other stuff that is allowed for tournament. And of course the organizer have prepare the tablet pc, keyboard, mouse, and other primary stuff for us..

So there is seven teams altogether competing in this competition. These is the list of teams that I can remember;

1) NexGen

2) Nemesis

3) Team 6

4) Gizmo Troops

5) Aeon

6) Versus

7) 3E

And the member of our team is

1) Jeremy Edward a.k.a Shepherd @ Exia

2) John James a.k.a OrangGila

3) Kelvin Harry a.k.a XP (Team Leader)

4) Deideian a.k.a Mist @ Impulse

5) Ghemmillian a.k.a Balmer

So eventually, our team manages to enter second round due to “bye” system. Our first match is with Team Nemesis, the 5 pros. One of them is our own colleague from Unitar. Jerry Joseph with his nicknames; Djinn (this guy is quite scary during the battle), along with his comrade. They merge as one of the strongest team during the tournament. So this is a little bit info about Nemesis, from what I heard, they knew each other through online gaming (Garena) and their skills is remarkable. So we NexGen were able to score 4 while they’re 16 (total accumulate point for winning).

Our next opponent is Team Versus, this team was all Chinese and they are very good. Yeah indeed because they are good enough because they manage to beat us with no sweat. 16-0, unbelievable..

So the end of our match and we’ll only manage to get 5th place in the competition. Wow, this is the second Counter Strike Tournament that I’ve join since august 2008 (I was the captain of Team D.O.A at that time, what a sweet memory), but the strongest team from the 7 is team Gizmo (the organizer themselves). They manage to beat down every team on their way without any casualties. The only team that I can conclude as an ALL Star players. It took only one of their players to take us down. They are so skillful.

So! For incoming event, we’re going to organize another Counter Strike Competition 2009 by the end of this August (everything was in progress). Together my friend and I prepare for the tournament. I was responsible for the Banner, poster and shirt design. There’s nothing much that I can contribute for this event this time. I’ve been working on the design over the past two weeks and during the tournament, I’m going to be DJs along with my friend hahaha! It’ll be so much fun!! So hopefully the entire Unitarian will come and give us their support, or participate (much better).

The purpose of this event is not only based on entertainment, but also for academic purpose in the hope that apart from letting student busy buried themselves with their study and assignment, this is the best way for them to socialize with other and exposed more to the high-tech and technology usage. So, that’s all from me this time. Hopefully we can meet sometimes and share our wonderful journey in next chapter. Hasta La Vista folks!


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