Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kate Middleton engagement - the making of princess

  First of all, Congratulation to Prince William and also to Miss Kate Middleton for this glorious news.
  I’m very delighted for both of them, not only that Prince William had finally found the  “one” for him, but also choose the right one for future queen, and let us say hello to the new queen, soon.. haha. Ever since the beginning of their relationship, lots of people have been skeptical about Kate, yet I believe that this person will go far, and eventually will be as popular as the late Princess Diana. Oh how I wish if she’s still alive and then she can see her son getting married at last.

As for Kate Middleton, she’s finally secured royal status, and recently as she went home to visit her parents, she was guarded by armed police guard along the way. And yes she’s blessed with many accoutrements of a modern princess, with her natural beauty, innate sense of style and enviable figure. She ought to become today’s role-model for every women. She comes from a happy and well-grounded family, she’s smart and educated, the ancient says that: “an educated man will only educate/improving himself, but an educated woman will educate herself and her family”.
  One of the best thing about their engagement is; the return of the ring. The ring which is use for the engagement was once belong to the late Princess Diana, and finally after all this year we manage to see it again. Personally I think it was the mark that somehow in future, future Pincess Kate Middleton will become a princess we can admire regardless of her royal title. Thus far, I feel that Kate hasn’t showed us her true mettle.
  The reason why all this while Kate was “hidden”  in shadow up till now is because, according to the official explanation said that; Prince William urged her to stay out of the limelight, as he hated the way paparazzi “hunted” her. A wise choice indeed and no one can blame him for that. ( a special law should be made to ensure any lame paparazzi to be sentence to death if they disturb the privacy of royal family).
 But even so, the plan to hid Kate away from those info-hunger-shark a.k.a paparazzi, without a proper job or meaningful role has served only to encourage those who looking for a reason to criticize her. On the other hand, to have given her more public recognition until now would have been to invite accusations of a Princess Pushy in the making.Well there’s nothing to worry about as they’re only frustrated for not being able to dig more than they wanted to.
  I learn that Kate’s first act as a royal fiancée has quit her job at the family firm ( mailing order business ) in order to ­concentrate on her new role. And with this, it shall become a brand new fresh start for her as she will have a chance to prove to the world that she’ll become a princess where every nation can love. And of course she will make Britain proud someday.

As for Prince William, I believe he has learn a lot from his parent’s marriage and surely he will not repeat the same mistake as his father did. Many had raised their eye-brow when the news of Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement out. Is Prince William’s engagement a stark break from European tradition? Will it change the monarchy? Given the couple’s different backgrounds and the pressures placed on royalty, can the marriage survive on love alone? Well this entire factor, doesn’t matter. Both two knows their own road and we as the nation should cheer for both two, not to destroy it. check it for more about the engagement on their first full interview on this video;

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