Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two Cadbury Laddie/couple making me Laughing Crazily

Oh my God, did you guys ever saw the new Cadbury advertisement on TV? well I mean the one that Got two little brat sitting side by side and do some crazy stun using their eye brows? apparently I'm looking for that video on Youtube but I've stumble upon something that much more crazier than those tow.. This might be a new Cadbury advertisement - Asian Version, hahaha.. a fun way to enjoy music without dancing. the two person on above, (I don't know their names, due to over excited because wanna to share this, so i forgot to check), doing the same act be add in some funny stuff ( you'll see, then you know hahaha) it took my several minutes to stay dumbstruck and then LOL.. hahahaha.. very creative, credits to those two..

*Updated; I found another one, hahahaha.. don't drink or eating while watching this..

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