Monday, September 27, 2010

Digi iPhone 4 play

uwaa.... today I have been sitting in front of my laptops for more than er... 11.30 a.m till now (the current time is 3.07 p.m) 4 hours? no wonder I have a backache, now now.. I have been checking on several info regarding this iPhone app, before this.. I've been mention a little bit of introduction for this smart phone in my previous entry entitled Digi iPhone 4 Me. well today I am going to write about the application or widely known as Apps in this iPhone.

Ever since the creation of telephone and cell-phone, people find the luxury of being able to keep in touch with their family and friends or love one via voice and words ( message text system ), and then the evolution of this tiny gadget become more and more advance. Not only people can hear and read the message delivered, but also can share pictures and music with friends, having a camera or digital camcorder were longer a dream for those who like to take pictures and video for the they can have those function in their own phone.

As the industry of communication technology become more and more advance, people gradually looking for something different, something that were not only work or function as their devices.. but also their companion, trusted friend, something that can make their life easier, and at the same time having fun with it.. and so after lots of invention of such phone happen in the market.

And so the iPhone has been created and introduce onto worldwide, and latest series of it is the iPhone 4, a brand new model after the iPhone 3GS series. As usual, it has a lot of quality and interesting function and application for one can explore and used it in their daily life. the iPhone is also design to meet the taste and requirement of all communities regardless from different age or background. For those who're practically involved in business,work,or anything that considered as corporate or formal matter, the iPhone has equip with an interesting and useful apps for time & daily planning, GPS navigation for those who're involved in military proffesion. having this kind of diverse functionality makes one life become more organized, systematic and easy to manage. Plus, the GPS devices is also very useful for Parents to track their children where-about.

For those who prefer entertainment, the iPhone 4 provides lots of apps such as games, reference, social networking, and advertising for television shows, films, and celebrities. Having one of this beauty is like having a mini laptop attached to your own hand ahahahahaha... well everybody have their own purposed for wanting this phone. As for me? I'm more to social interaction stuff.. well I'll just show you the pictures and you'll understand.

Everytime when my laptop is "awaken". hehe, after switch it on, plug in my broadband, click on my Mozilla browser.. the first page that will appear on my screen is "FACEBOOK", I don't know why, it feels like a routine, a need and a must-do kind of thing every time I'm online.. apart from peeking on my friends page, comment here and there, uploading new pictures. Well i like to keep on track on what happen around me through this website. but i can't do it all the time~ haiz... and there's one time when I realy wish "isn't it wonderful if I can have something that can do laptop-broadband(for internet connection)-handphone-digital camera and camcorder?
If you are rich or a working person, you may won't have any problems with $$, and so you won't need to worried about running out of phone credits and airtime as well. For someone like me, I seek on something that i can pay in a fix price per-month, yet i can use the service unlimited. text messaging with your friend is one of the luxury you'll find using your phone but not when you're running out of $$ for it (only for pre-paid user). and so another option for such a miser person like me is yahoo messenger and windows live messenger.. Chatting is one of a must-to-do thing for me ehehehe.... gossip and news can be obtain easily through this kind of medium. But only if you want to keep it low betwen you and "that" person you're chatting with.. but of course it'll required PC or laptop to operate it.. not iPhone has it all.. built in YM and Live messenger apps.. you can chat anywhere everywhere (as long as there is 3G connection around you)..
yes.. tweet! tweet!! one of a whole new disease but I like it! actually i have an account of Tweeters but hey I don't have anything to share in it for I've already have facebook and blog for it~ but yeah here it is, for those who're looking the best way to tweet.. "traveling while tweeting" is that an appropriate terms for that?  well I don't know, if you love to tweet, you should try this.. for maybe you'll be satisfied with it, then you can come back to me and tell me about it ^^..

well I'm sort of gamer (suppose so), I'm more to strategies kind of game.. we called it "RPG" game, but sometimes I play MMORPG as well, currently I'm playing Ragnarok Online on Dreamer RO high rate server, I also played Pandora saga but that is years ago.. and so I'm looking for something more fun but easy to play.. something that I play while I'm listening to music and chatting yet surfing internet at the same time (I've been mentioning about iPhone 4 multitasking in previous post). and so I've found out some interesting games here in iPhone 4. such as;
Plants Vs Zombie

waaaa!!!!! how i wish to play this game!!! the characters are very cute indeed!!!! easy to play and share the fun moment with friends as well! apart from this, there's also other games like Pocket God and Doodle jump.. well.. right now i just can only write about this.. how I wish to have that iPhone.. and then i can have all this!!

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