Friday, October 1, 2010

Digi iPhone 4 Life

neh... gud evening to all of you out there.. especially to nuffnang who'll going to check out this master piece of mine later on.. the reason I choose to send this at the very last minutes because I want you (nuffnang master.. please... let me win~) to see my finest art.. er.. finest? I wouldn't say it that way.. by the way.. I really need to win this iPhone.. my NEED to WIN and to HAVE that iPhone is very extraordinary in the ways I can't even describe it using humans language or any means of communication.. and so all i can do is.. to act it out.. now sit tight.. fasten your seat belt.. and enjoy this Drama of mine ^^...

scene 1: the villain has gotten the Emblem of Digi.. where he'll going to destroy the world with it's tremendous power...

and then comes the HERO to save the day..

and so... the Digi iPhone rider once again save the day for being doom!! ah!! how i wish to direct a wonderfull movie just like "Duyung" sponsored by Digi a long time ago.. and so in order to do that I need a special equipment to enable me to achieve my dream.. nuffnang.. you know what I mean... if you think I'm worthy to become the winner.. then blessed be and thank you so much to all of you.. but if not.. well.. I can't say anything..  hahahaha... once again.. my hope is with you... all the best nuffnang..

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