Sunday, September 26, 2010

OMG!! RM48 broadband package from Celcom??

WHAT IS GOING ON NOW FOLKS? a week ago it is all about Maxis.. yesterday is about Digi.. and today is Celcom?? what on earth they are thinking about? the 3 major Tel companies were competing against each other.. therefore i would like to announce that this is The Battle of 3 Kingdoms!!! just kidding.. nah, it's a common thing to do when it comes to business, one shall never be left behind whenever his opponents is a step ahead from him.

okay, enough with the introduction.. let's hear this out then; Celcom has introduced a new broadband package called Broadband Entry at RM48 per month for 1GB with speeds up to 384Kbps. well.. 1GB... what do you say? 1GB for RM48 per month? a very reasonable price eh? for such speed and memory storage, it is best for smart phone or for any mobile device that you can carry to anywhere, everywhere.. (Caution, never ever bring your phone into toilet, you don't want people to call you when you're poo poo, trust me ^^) the New RM48 broadband package from Celcom is a very good stuff for a beginner, don't you think so? it's an affordable price for whosoever that can't afford RM68 plan per month for internet service. and with this kind of plan also enable more people to enjoy the luxury of Cyber world.. chatting.. facebooking.. tweetering... blogging.. hacking.. huh? hacking? nononono... that is a crime..

the following news is an article that i've quoted from Malaysian wireless website, it state  that;

"Also, current Broadband Basic users who has been paying RM68 per month for 384Kbps will now enjoy faster speed up to 512Kbps and 3GB5Gb monthly quota.
The company claims that it will introduce Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) 900Mhz in rural areas to provide wider 3G coverage. At the end of the year, Celcom aims to cover at least 76% of the human population. There’s also plan to upgrade its network to HSPA+."

for more information you might as well can go to Celcom main website for broadband service, there you can check it out for as many info that you need.. that is all from me.. I, Deideian reported this from Sarawak.. see ya!

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