Friday, October 1, 2010

Digi iPhone 4 Real

You and I know that both of us.. including the rest of human being on this planet, seek for something that is REAL...AFFORDABLE... OR CHEAP... AND SATISFYING... why do you need to go or choose something that you might to regret later?well it's up to you then.. let say if any of us can get ourself an iPhone (speaking of which, I mean to anyone who will won this contest), and you're given an option.. to have "Something that is quite expensive, interesting plan, but the coverage for such service isn't so sufficient?" or........... you can have.."Something that is affordable.. got more interesting plan.. and the service or the coverage is satisfying eh?" I won't need to explain more for even a kindergarten kids also know that the 2nd option is way too good to be true.. and so they'll grab it without any hesitation!! so what are you waiting for? need some more time to think? need more time to evaluate? need a proof? aiya.. okay then.. all I can provide for you all is this;
The plan is very simple and easy for you and I to understand...  in other words " PAY LESS..MORE FUN!!" see? nah I won't write anything more than this.. get yourself a calculator and check it for yourself.. I bet in the end you guys surely become euphoric just like me.. have a nice day ^^..

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