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The "Ghost" is on the street - the most powerful car ever produced

Hello there visitors, welcome to my blog, are you a car collecter? or simply love to try on different car? if you got lots of cash, so you might want to consider this, a brand new model by Rolls Royce Motor Cars (RRMC), The "Ghost". Personally I think it's the best car to present one's status (if you're an elite). Now let's see what's this car got.

THE modern "Ghost" is the most powerful car Rolls-Royce Motor Cars (RRMC) has ever produced. just look at it's feature, cool, sleek, and elegance.. just imagine how would it feel when you're on it's driver seat? ohh... below are the post that I've collected from several websites.

Top Range:
  • Arrives in an elegant, cosseting way some have described as being designed to lower the pulse, not      raise it.
  • The principle of simplicity extends to the act of driving the Ghost. The host of complex engineering software and technologies beneath the surface serve to make driving easier and more enjoyable — not intrude or confuse.but hey, it's the Ghost, so the name it self brings the feeling of "ohhh" and "ahh" to you, I suppose so.
  • The Ghost is more  driver-focused than any Rolls-Royce car before it.The driver sits in a slightly comfortable and elevated position behind the wheel, described as the authority position. This makes the view of the road much clearer. lets say you're driving Formula 1 Racing car, and the only person who're on the driving seat is you, and imagine how does it feel when you're in total control of your own ride? that's what I'm talking about.
  • Interior design — spacious and intuitive in layout. The controls are neatly sculpted, with the more important functions emphasised by accents of chrome. making its more exclusive and high class. if only my friends back in Unitar can see this. haha
  • The soft light of the instrument panel glows through the familiar     black-rimmed steering wheel which, in turn, employs a number of violin keys as well as an ergonomic roller-ball control.
  • The control centre display is concealed behind a veneered panel until its services are called upon. All features such as satellite navigation, telephone, communication and entertainment functions are displayed here and managed via a central rotary controller, flanked by quick-access buttons on the front centre console. if any of you watched "Knight Rider" series/movie before, you might get the idea the certain similarity what this car have compare to KITT. (Knight Industries Two/Three Thousand).
  • The optional driver assistance systems and technologies in the Ghost are notable for their discretion and ease of operation. From the moment the driver approaches the car, the optional comfort entry allows easy access, unlocking the doors when the key fob is within 1.5m and the cool chromed handle is grasped.

Total Control (As I've mention before)
  • Once you are in the car, voice control allows you to select from the control systems menus without using the central controller. one of the best features of The 'Ghost'.
  • For ease of maneuvering, cameras, located around the car, serve a number of purposes. Rear, front side and top view cameras can combine to give a fish-eye view at blind junctions or provide ground images with obstacle recognition and reverse path prediction when parking.
  • Positioned discreetly within the grille is a night vision camera. When activated, this safety feature works with pedestrian recognition to detect objects up to 300m away and display them on the central screen in the dash.
  • The car’s control system receives infrared heat images from the camera and, taking into account the car’s speed and direction, classifies them to assess imminent danger. It then determines what action, if any, needs to be taken and if necessary displays a warning to the driver.
  • The head-up display relays crucial information such as speed or navigation directions onto the windscreen directly in front of the driver. This information is visible only to the driver and can be tailored to show only the details required and at a position suitable to the driver.
  • Lane departure warning alerts the driver should the car start to drift out of its current lane. When activated, it uses an integrated camera, located just in front of the rear view mirror, to monitor road markings and the vehicle’s position.
  • The driver is warned by a discreet vibration through the steering wheel. If the driver uses the directional indicators before and after the lane change, the wheel will not vibrate.
  • High beam assistance automatically manages the operation of dipped and main beam lights while driving at night. When activated, the same camera used by the lane departure warning system monitors the light from any source at the front of the vehicle and automatically dips or raises the headlights accordingly.
  • Adaptive, directional headlights also improve illumination of the road ahead and adapt to the road conditions — rain or fog or simply when the car is making a turn.
  • Active Cruise Control with ‘Stop & Go’ creates a relaxing driving experience, particularly on long cruising journeys as action is not required when the car ahead speeds up or slows down even when coming to a standstill.
  • Active brake intervention also allows hill descent at a constant speed and the car’s curve speed limiter communicates with the car’s dynamic stability control systems to reduce speed on bends if safety and comfort may be compromised.

Attention to detail
  • Rolls-Royce has a reputation of producing cars that transcend the mere automotive. There is a magic attached to the name, which stems in part from exquisite attention to detail and the fine materials used throughout.
  • Passing through 60 pairs of hands, the production process involves over 2,000 individual operations and takes at least 20 days to complete.
  • The Ghost shares the same paint shop as the Phantom and spends seven days being painted and polished to perfection.
  • Five stages are required for the Ghost’s body. First, a phosphate electro-coat is applied to protect against corrosion, then a layer of primer, a colour coat and finally, two coats of clear lacquer. The body is hand-sanded between each layer and once the final coat is applied, it is hand-polished for five hours.
  • The Ghost is available in 12 exterior colours each of which can be contrasted by the optional Silver Satin bonnet.
  • Flawless leather is an absolute requirement for the interior of a Rolls-Royce. For this reason, the leather is sourced from bulls raised in pastures free of barbed wire, ensuring that there are fewer imperfections in the leather. Any other marks are carefully avoided by our skilled laser cutters.
  • At least eight hides are used for an interior, and to ensure colour consistency, each hide comes from a batch dyed at the same time. The hides are drum-dyed rather than painted, ensuring that the colour permeates right through the leather. The process also means the leather remains much more supple, preventing cracking or squeaking and ensuring durability and longevity.
  • All seats and interior panels are hand-stitched, using traditional upholstering techniques by those most skilled at their craft.
  • The natural beauty of the veneers in the Ghost is brought to life by the skill of dedicated craftsmen and women.
  • The natural burrs and grains are chosen for their intricacy and interest: veneer specialists choose only the finest logs from which these very thin cross sections are taken. Only veneer from one tree is used in any car.
  • This ensures not only that the grain matches throughout the interior but that each area ages and colours at the same pace. The parts are milled and sanded by hand before being coated with five layers of lacquer for protection and a mirror-like shine.

21st Century RR
  • The Ghost is a vision of simplicity — of taking the core values of Rolls-Royce and creating contemporary effortless luxury. It has been engineered to ride and drive in peerless fashion. The chassis poise delivers a dynamically engaging experience for the driver, yet a serene, comfortable ride for passengers.
  • Engine power is delivered in a manner which has become an engineering signature, seemingly effortlessly and endlessly. The latest in-car technology falls easily to hand while forming part of the background.
  • The Ghost embodies    21st-century Rolls-Royce: more than 100 years of engineering and design excellence expressed in modern and uncompromised style. Some of the optional gadgets are not available in some markets due to legal restrictions
  • What the design team were seeking to create was a modern Rolls-Royce that achieved a new dynamism but remained true to its luxurious heritage.
  • They had found inspiration in contemporary furniture, architecture and yachts but also in the spirit of the 1930s — that sense of adventure and endeavour     — which they wanted to capture in the character of this new car.
  • Chief executive officer Tom Purves said: “We expect the more informal design to broaden the appeal of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, attracting people who appreciate its fusion of refinement, new technology and contemporary style.
  • “It would ride on an intelligent air suspension system, offering peerless ride and dynamics. And it would be called Ghost which is one of the most revered names in automotive industry.
  • “It evokes images of adventure and technical innovation. The first cars to bear the Ghost name were known not only for impressive dependability and refinement but also great flair and style.”
  • The Ghost is powered by a brand new 6.6 litre twin-turbo charged V12 engine unique to the model, delivering 563 bhp with extraordinary performance figures.
  • Featuring direct injection, it produces 563bhp — enough to propel the Ghost from 0-60 mph in just 4.7 seconds and on to an electronically governed top speed of 155mph. With 780 Nm of torque available at just 1,500rpm, delivery of power is immediate and extremely smooth.
  • Power is transmitted through an eight-speed, shift-by-wire, automatic ZF gearbox. What this achieves is a feeling of endless, surging power, illustrated by the power reserve gauge on the fascia, replacing the more common rev counter.
  • The new power train delivers this performance while emitting just 317g-km of CO2. Fuel consumption is 20.8/ Mpg/13.6 l/100km.

Safety first
  • Safety remains paramount and the very latest technologies are used in the Ghost. Side-impact beams in the front and rear doors combine with progressive rear crumple zones to absorb impacts.
  • The Advanced Crash and Safety Management (ACSM) system takes measurements 2,000 times per second from sensors located around the vehicle.
  • The ACSM uses this information — in conjunction with the engine and chassis management systems — to judge which safety features to deploy in which areas in the event of an accident. If necessary, ACSM will activate, among other things, seatbelt        pre-tensioners and all encompassing airbags surrounding the cabin, creating a safe zone for all occupants.
  • Inside the Ghost, the interior design team has come up with a contemporary ambience while staying true to      Rolls-Royce Motor Car traditions of fine materials and peerless comfort.
  • There are elegant,     frosted lamps and chrome door handles, traditional violin key switches and eyeball air vents, frosted white dials and refined instrumentation. Deep-pile carpets can be complemented by optional lambs wool floor mats for a truly luxurious feel.
  • There are exterior colours to choose from — Adriatic Blue, Claret, Darkest Tungsten, Dark Indigo, Diamond Black, English White, Ensign Red, Jubilee Silver, Lunar Blue, Metropolitan Blue, New Sable and Sea Green.
  • Colours for leather — Black; Consort — Red, Creme light, Dark Spice, Fleet Blue, Moccasin, Pine Green and Seashell while the veneers may be Elm Cluster, Dark Wenge, Malabar, Piano Black and Walnut Burr.
  • The Rolls-Royce Ghost was formally launched to the world in September 2009.
Consumer Guide's Impressions of the 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost
  •  Leave the chauffeur at home. A smaller, more driver-focused Rolls will soon court young high rollers with $350K to spend. It's not quite a "baby Phantom," but the new Ghost should take the Flying Lady mascot to more driveways than ever.

What We Know About the 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost
  • Rolls-Royce sold just over 1,000 cars in 2007, the first four-figure annual tally in the firm's 104-year history. That surely delights parent BMW, which took charge of Rolls in 2003. But the Bavarian bosses see greater things for their celebrated English marque beyond its current trio of hulking $400K-plus Phantoms. Specifically, they want to boost Rolls sales closer to those of former stablemate Bentley, which now moves over 11,000 cars per year as part of the Volkswagen group. That suggests a somewhat smaller Rolls model that uses BMW hardware to sell just above the $200,000-$250,000 realm that has proven so lucrative for Bentley. It might be less sporty than a Bentley, but would tilt toward the same younger, very well-heeled buyers.
As for me..

  • if I were allowed to test drive for RRMC in this car, I would drive it on different roads condition to see how far does it go and I'l compare it with other luxury cars such as Lamborghini, Porche, and etc.. surely I'll be able to produce the best review then haha.. 
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