Monday, November 29, 2010

A Place of Serenity - Miri Sarawak by Frisco Daniel

Today as doing some blogwalking in the morning, I've stumble upon an awesome blog, it is a blog of photo-enthusiast, Frisco Daniel. I found his blog in Sarawak bloggers community, congratulation Frisco for being selected as the Blogger of the Month. to any Sarawakian out there, if you're blogger, I reckon you should join this.

Well if you want to see the lovely photo of Miri, Sarawak, you can go to his site simply by clicking the pictures below. (and the same thing applied to Sarawak-Bloggers image on top)

Hopefully this information can be useful to you out there, and to visitors who're from abroad, I welcome you to visit Malaysia especially in Miri, Sarawak! see ya!

Malaysia Tourism Promo

Courtesy to: - Sarawak Bloggers Community Blog

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ku dah tgk blog nya, amazing!

frisco daniel said...

My Goodness, I didn't know I was sellected as the blogger of the month until I cam across this post. I am speechless..... Thanks Deidan (is that what they call you?) for the link.

Deideian said...

@Kris - amazing kan? alangkah indahnya mun blog ku gia, eh tak sabar mok ada kamera DSLR dirik empun.. adoi..

Deideian said...

@frisco daniel - ahaha, you should check your name, hurry!! hahaha.. and yes, my name is Deideian.. thanks for letting me link to your post

Anonymous said...

Hai.. En. Deideian.. Awak ni Orang Iban ke?? :)

Deideian said...

ya.. saya orang Iban

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