Thursday, October 7, 2010

The classic hamburger-craving for more

   Good morning guys (morning? it's 1.32 p.m!!??), what are you doing for today? jogging? shopping? traveling? or any other "ling".."ling"? bah today's weather is kinda weird, raining heavily starting from 5 or 6 in the morning then stop, continue, and then stop, and then continue again. What the heck, someone in heaven might be playing with the "remote control" for weather eh? ahehe.. well then, let's begin our story..
  You, yes you.. you do know what is Burger right? ( of-course we know you moron!!), bah calm down and let me finish.. Okay.. Burger, is a type of fast-food that combine two or more slice of bun/bread, meat (usually beef), some vegetables, and etc. you can find it ( the burger of-course) almost everywhere. KFC, Sugarbun, McD.. you name it. Over the decades, the food has been '"modified" in order to meet the needs of different community but how many of you have taste the original and true Hamburger? wahahaha.. well relax and don't do such intense kind of face when you're reading this. 
   I'm just want to share my experience of having this delicacy, juicy, and yummy food. A special recipe created by my father (he told me that he learned it ages ago when he's in Tasmania, Australia). And so we (the whole family except my mom for she's busy with her garden) occupy the kitchen for the rest of evening just to prepare 4 dish of this beauty. The Hamburger. Different place has it's own recipe and I've learned that apart from having beef or fish fillet (the usual) for the serving, my father use the occasional meat that we don't see in any restaurant or personal stall in Malaysia. Pork. eeuw? wahahaha, relax the fun is about to begin. I was officially appointed to become chef-assistant that evening and at that very moment I've found the joy in preparing the dish. Cooking is not one of my specialty but I kinda like it yet I'm very clumsy when doing it by my self.
The person that you see here is my father, though he's not an official chef and don't have his own restaurant (someday he will), but his skill is superb, capable to create a masterpiece. for an example, a simple 3 minutes noodles Maggi Mee curry flavor, adding a few stuff and wala! it's spaghetti!! what don't believe me? suit yourself, it is me who's lucky to taste it hihi. As he's preparing for the dish, I saw him doing some dangerous stun. I call it the "fire-maneuver cooking pan", I'm really impress of the way he "Rolled" the pan and the fire from the gas swirling on top of the pan!! what?? nonsense? OMG, this is so real, have you ever seen a chinese chef master rolled their cooking pan and suddenly there's fire in it? that's the way my father did it. a very dangerous things to do for a beginner. ehem..

 Uh~ the result is very satisfying, take a bite and you'll craving for more.. imagine that as insert it into your mouth and once your teeth sink onto its juicy bread (the bread has been mix with egg) and you can hear and taste the crunchy sound of its soft-surface.. the texture of meat plus with the tinge of onion and garlic, slurrp!! very nasty eh? hahaha, there's also cheese add with high-quality butter spread on all over the bread inner surface.. if you're a Malaysian and you're Sarawakian.. then the very suitable words for you to express once you have this is "APOOO, nyamai mai eh".

Look at my brother, he's enjoying it and he don't even speak a single word hahaha.. apart from this, my father also excellent in making stew. but sadly I forgot to take picture so until next time if I'm lucky, I'l have it again and I'l sure share that story in here!!

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