Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finally, blog modification complete!!

  hello everyone, it's been a long time since my last entry " Digi iPhone 4 life".. I've joined the contest weeks ago and luckily I'm able to post the last task at the very last minute. er.. about a quarter before 11.59 p.m eh? I don't remember hahah.. and so I've been busy studying and altering everything in my blog.. starting from a scratch.. yes..  I've been learning things that Bachelor of Education student's never learn before!! ( that is why people always says " you'll never stop learning until the day you die").. so what did I learn in the past few days? let see.. okay, for those who know this, you might actually smirk/smile slyly at me and think "well.. it's not a big deal" or "pah!! everyone knows that duh~". and those who don't know will think " Oh My Goat (mmbbbekkk), lots of numbers!!" or "I simply don't understand a slightest thing about this stuff"..

Okay what is that?
  it is what we call as "coding".. or some regular people call it as HTML stuff.. for a non-computer geeks like me, I call it Math ( I took Math course in my University, kinda fun). learning and studying every nook and crook in this so-call CODE for web design is very er.. the emotion is everything i guess; such as frustrated.. confusion, desperate, happiness (when I did something right), eager, and etc.. you name it..

  And so I took a crash-course in this "coding" thingy, I did lots of blog-walking and say hello to every blog that has it's own shoutbox.. for those who don't have one of this apps yet, you can find it here and here.. it's very easy to set up and useful for those who wish to start your minor career as blogger hahaha..

  I stumble upon several interesting blog/website and I've been glued my own eyes onto this laptop screen of mine in order to learn every detail's about the method of altering my blog from a "nah, nothing special" into "okay, quite good" status.. er.. perhaps.. I hope so haha

  I want to express my gratitude to this several people and their blog/website for providing a splendid tutorial and  content of useful information for a newbie like me to explore the joy in this blogging stuff.. they are;

  And so I would like to encourage those who have the passion to write about anything.. Anything that inspired you or make you feel "Oh, I got to share this with somebody".. well okay, why only somebody? why not share it with The World? as a future Teacher ( I am ^^), this is the best way for a young generation to explore the knowledge, to expand their perception, view, ideas, and their capability in thinking.. well I'm not saying that everyone should do this, only a certain people.. people who seek Wisdom.. people who thirst for knowledge.. information.. entertainment.. EVERYTHING...

  That is why I change the title of my blog, previously my blog known as "Black Box: Dien's Adventure'.. all right, where's the adventure part eh? just a lil bit.. so now.. I give you.. a brand new blog of mine.. Deideian the Black Box: Discover the Secret.. what part is the secret.. well you need to wait for that, I shall write and expose a lot of thing in future.. and hey, while you're stopping at my blog, why don't you visit my shop? you might as well find something that interest you in there.. have a nice day people

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