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Tips on how to sit for examination without studying

  Welcome again to all my beloved readers and welcome to you who newly join us in this new covenant.. wahaha.. very classic eh? okay now I shall share a bit of my own experience since high school till the end of my University years. a common thing that would happen to any student.. I repeat.. this happen to Any student... not All.. but some of you might be ( those who said " nah.. I always prepare". I swear when God listen to this, He'll twist your fate around hahaha, just kidding). Now the situation that always occur to any person in this world is;

lack of preparation

Every individual  who're breathing in this world did experience this kind of thing, and so the result from such consequences is either they are Improving themselves? or getting worst and carried away? pick or option ( The first choice sounds better, don't tell my mother). both option have the same mechanism, it is what we always call as "Self-Control". I will explain more about this in my future entry and now Ill tell you how to ace your exam without any study at all ha!!

it's like "Pouring the water from an empty Jug" or "to give something that you don't have". now now, this is crazy ( ridiculous, I'm out of here!), how can this be possible? ain't no human being can do such thing! well guys, if you're thinking like that, change it.. and I say it is possible, because miracle do happen, not only when be believe, but also when we dare to take action and have the courage to do it.

And now here's the bloody tips that may sounds funny but kinda useful to you in future, perhaps

Human are built-in with a special software called "Memory", unlike computers, we (human) can instore thousands, hundred thousands, probably billions of information in our Brain a.k.a Hard Disk. and so the trick to ace in exam without study is.. Attend all the class and PAY ATTENTION to everything that teacher's said. including the sound of his/her coughing or fart. Just Do it. then when you're in examination hall and REMEMBER EVERYTHING that have been taught in the class and move your pen onto the paper and LET IT RIP!!  sorry, it's kinda a harsh way to describe it, but yeah, you need to 1) attend  2) Pay attention  3)Remember  4) Write your answer without any doubt (that's what I mean by Let It Rip!!).

The second thing you need to have as your tool in your examination is your "ATTITUDE". Now what does Attitude have to do with this? well of-course it is! either you're fully prepare or not, without a RIGHT ATTITUDE, you won't stand a chance to get even a C in your exam. and the Right Attiude that I'm saying is Confidence ( for those who're fully prepare and geared in examination) and JUST-DO-IT type of attitude. ever heard of Kamikaze? nope? yes? well it's sort of Dead Or Alive situation. when you're doing exam, you're in battlefield, and you're on your own. So just grab your Sword a.k.a Pencil and slash your Enemy/Exam Question!

The 3rd thing that you need to survive in examination is "LOGIC", without it. you're history. and of-course human do have that (Thank God). well yes you can become Kamikaze as you doing your exam but hey, be reasonable okay? let say your Today exam paper is on Math. and so the question you're stumble upon is something like this. Question number 1) 10 + 10 = ?   a) 15  b) maybe 30  c) let me ask my mother  d)of-course 20 you stupid! well I bet you do know the answer. those who don't know, er.. forget it.

Time Management, a very crucial thing and many had fail due to this matter. okay let say there's someone brag about how he/she had fully remember about all the stuff he learn in the class and claimed that he'll definitely be No. 1. but during exam he took at least 10 to 15 minutes per question and the total of question is 60. do you think he can made it? the answer is YES and NO. but the chances of getting fail is very high and such attitude is too risky although you convince that all the question you've answer is undoubtedly correct. and so in order to play safe, you need to be Guerrilla. or Ninja, it means you skip every hard rated question and answer the easy one first, then you can come back to re-visit/re-do the rest of unfinished question. Remember! Safety first!!

Read the Question/Instruction, one of the main and most vital in examination. You might be fully prepare and once the examination start to commence, you're starting to get all excited as you're kinda "ooh I can do that!, oooh, I can do this!!".. and there's 8 essay question.. and the Instruction TOLD you to answer ONLY 4 from the question given.. and due to all the Over-Confidence and lack of vigilante, you proudly answer all of the question.. and as what the Instruction Says is MANDATORY.. no matter how hard you've studied, no matter that all your answer is 100%, once you cross the rule, it means Instant Death.. or Fail in academic terms. Therefore, stay Alert ya?

Every machine,engine,living being or any mechanism that work (apart from nature and God) need one thing. it is what we called GOOD REST.. what? unbelievable? that's all? what the.. Okay okay, the first rule you need to remember is.. KEEP YOUR HEAD COOL.. you maybe feel the tension of having sitting in examination is getting nearer.. and so you crams like crazy last minute, all nervous about a test you haven't prepared for. STOP. calm down..You have attended all classes, did the necessary work = A little at a time. For their massive overnight cramming, you have done the equivalent amount of time through paying attention every class.You can relax, and mentally envision yourself acing that test, while the average student is sweating, praying and kicking themselves for not being more prepared. See? very easy isn't it?  we don't need a genius to figure a solution for this kind of problem, because you can do it too.. a very wise man once said this "You are the result of what you're thinking of" - Buddha. have a nice day

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