Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Excellent thoughts to remember through whole life

  You over there, yeah you, I am talking to you right now. So how's your day for today? well if you're happy, then I'm also happy for you because happiness bring the abundance of Joy and laughter in our life, not to forget the fun and Love too. But don't sulk whenever you're in an unfortunate situation, Have Faith, never back down, be strong and courageous, and DON'T COMPLAIN. Seriously, nobody would want to listen to your complain (unless it is reasonable). and never Brag about your greatness and fortune because God taught us to become Humble. What? disagree? haha.. tell this to Him in the after life. forget the idea.. very dangerous hahaha

  And so since the very beginning of this life, God has create us Human (Homo-Sapient) exactly like Him. And so as a Human, we ought to give the best of our ability in everything that we work for. Now why am I saying that? well you do have an option though, either you want to Win or Lose. Go and ask hundreds of people and 100% the answer is Win. See what I mean? It is not fate or Life that drive our "Car", it is us who steer the "wheel" - Deideian 1986 (I just though about that phrases a minute ago). It is you are the one who determine either your life is Sweet or Bitter, pretty or ugly.. nah you name it. now let's not waste our time talking about philosophy in here, I'm going to put all the best Quote that inspired me. a priceless Wisdom acquired from group of people who're consider as outstanding in their own field.

If you born poor,
it's not your mistake,
But if you die poor,
it's your mistake.
- Bill Gates

In a day,
when you don't come across any problems,
you can't be sure that you are traveling in a wrong path
- Swami Vivekananda

Three sentences for getting SUCCESS:
know more than other
work more than other
expect less than other
- William Shakesphere

If you win you need not explain,
But if you lose,
you should not be there to explain,
(in other words, DON'T COMPLAIN!)
- Adolph Hitler

Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world.
If you do so,
you are insulting yourself
- Alen Strike

well with this 5 famous quote, I think that's enough for today ( I still want to write more!! uwaa!), actually there is still tons of inspiring quotes that I have in my arsenal, but that will need to wait till I put some of it in my future post. Have a nice day to all of you.

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