Saturday, November 27, 2010

Accident - Man vs Woman

A man and woman were involved in a terrible accident. Their car was completely destroyed. Miraculously, both of them were safe without any injuries. After the accident, she said to the man, "I wonder eh. You're a man, and I'm a lady. take a look at our car, we're suppose to be dead! But we both come out safely, Maybe this is a sign from God to us. Maybe we'll be friends and maybe it's our destiny & may be up to the dais overwhelmed, "said the woman as she grinned towards the man in front of her. 
The man was speechless, "I do agree with you," he said.
"Oh yes. This is another miracle from God. Although the car is badly damaged, but still a bottle of wine is still good. it don't break during the accident's. Probably it's a sign from God that we should drink a toast for this. Why say you?", Said the woman while handing the wine bottle to the man.
"Well, for the sake of our friendship," said the man as he open the cork and drink the wine hastily till it only left half empty in the bottle. After that he handed the bottle back to the woman. The woman threw away the wine bottles, and stretch back to the man.
The man asked with amazement, "Why don't you drink?".
The woman replied, " It's okay. I'm waiting for the police to come .... hihi..

p/s: Don't drink and drive, and don't drink, after accident!! wahaha

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