Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lets us STOP the Child Abuse!! - raise your hand!!

A child is the greatest gift given by God for us to cherish and nurture, not to abuse or whatsoever, therefore apart from giving the best for our little one, it is vital for us to stay in a good health and secure in order to create a save a harmony environment around them, I recently read about an articles written by Susan Tan and I immediately interested to do more research on it, and so I have found several case study and some related articles to the case of children abuse in Malaysia (I've read it thoroughly all night). so here's the article I quote from Susan Tan's entry from ezine...

"Child abuse can be defined as intended or unintended harm to a child by another person who may be parents, relatives or guardians. There are four major categories which are physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.

The cases in Malaysia are getting serious; according to Social Welfare Department of Malaysia indicated each year at least 1,000 children in Malaysia are reported as victims. With high statistics of child abuse, children rights are taken away and children also loose the opportunity to live healthy and happily.

It is a repulsive issue for the society and it would affect the image of the country. Furthermore, it is a big problem with a serious impact on the child's physical and mental health, well-being and development throughout their lives. Children should have the human rights of live free from violence, harm and exploitation.

Nowadays, government have organized Child abuse prevention campaign which help the them escape from abuse and also educate the public to love the children. Children are the hope in the future of the country and the well-being of children is very important.

There are few organization which included Protect and care the children (P.S the children), Malaysian Pediatric Association (MPA), Social Welfare Department of Malaysia, The Women's Aid Organization (WAO) and The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). These few organization is playing important roles to protect the children; in addition they always concern about the issues of child abuse and try their best to give the best life for the children. Children are future leader in our country and they are innocent and have right or opportunity to stay healthy and happily."

Children have the right to be love, and the one that responsible who bringing them into the world shouldn't torturing them by making their life's turn misery. okay the principle is just like shopping; if you dislike it, then don't buy it. or if you don't want the result, then don't produce it. it's simple, yet human being are so "dumb" ( permit me to use this harsh word) as they do know what they're doing is wrong, yet continue to produce more sin, and the result is this!! stray infant! why do i use the word "stray?" because those monster treat them like an animal, like cubs who're putted into the box before being thrown away by it's master.

Do you know that such act can bring more crime and misfortune in future? as the young one were continuously abuse, gradually they develop an ill way of thinking whereby they feel of being unloved and unwanted from this world, children who're being abuse experience a dangerous impact on their emotional and psychological. imagine when they grown up, only minority of them will succeed in life while the rest? well, most criminals background were from the same root, they grown up in a harsh environment, it's like a Survival of the fittest where the strong shall devour the weak one. and so to speak such kind of thinking will became the foundation of their life perspective, belief, and principle. and in the end when they commit any kind of crime, they end up in jail or death sentence. what a waste.

As I kept onlooking for more articles, I stumble across a website by the name UNICEF.. have you guys ever heard of it? well after run through a quick review on it, I found that it's a body where those who wish to support them in their efforts of "child protection". finally a good news, so I kept on searching on a way to join this cause and one and I found that one way is just to sign up to Youthsay for free, and write several thing about it, or you can share a link with your friend.well, I've have done what I can do, and you?

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