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4th May 2009

-Now is 8.40 am, and I’m writing this on my very own desk, my place/desk is in front of staffroom entrance door.
-so to begin what I’ve been through this day, I’ll start from the moment I arrive here. I’ve arrive here at 6.40 am approximately and then proceed to Pejabat Am all by myself without waiting for my friends to come.
-so within a few hour in this school, I’ve manage to met several people (the teachers of course). Entering the general office, take off my shoes, walk in, and then asking question whether I can meet with The Principal, then I’ve been inform that the principal is away at the moment. So then I’ve met Cikgu Liza ( Penolong Kanan Hal Ehwal Murid-PKHEM for short), wow, she have a very fierce looking kind of expression, can’t think of what is it that time, just merely shock by looking at her. But I’ve manage to introduce myself , courtesy call I guess hehe.. then I’ve met with Cikgu Ahmad ( Penolong Kanan Ko-Kurikulum-PK KK for short) and then I’ve met up with person who are second In command in this school, Penolong Kanan Satu-PK 1, Cikgu Haji Abang Ismawi Bin Abang Muhi more commonly known as Cikgu Abang around here. I describe him as, a stern looking man with an aggressive look on his face, much more powerful and how to say? I guess he’s the man who has a total control around this school, apart from the principal herself. My first impression when I met him was; “this is a man that I cannot cross with”, and I’m filled with sensed of admiration as I look his aura of leadership and strong character. And through him I’ve learn that our school principal name is Cikgu Saftuyah Binti Hj Adenan, yet I haven’t met her.
-So then Mythnya ( my colleague though not in the same major but from the same institution) came and both of us follow him to another room ( what room is that again? I forgot to check), I’ve been introduced to Guru Kanan Science Dan Mathematic, Cikgu Welcymina, a former SMK RIAM, Miri teacher. As she said so after I’ve introduced myself. I’ve been given my time table and then been brought to staffroom to meet my chief, Ketua Guru Panitia Mathematic, Cikgu Beatris. And so again, shake hand, smile, and after introduced to each other. We burst into discussion, there she share with me about school, syllabus, my mentor and any other things that might be relevant for me to take notes. So I just merely nodded and listen to every word while my hand was jotting everything that she said. And then we off to meet my mentor; Cikgu Lau Siew Ching, Chinese ( Fu-Chow) and a fine young lady, kind and helpful. Though very awkward at the moment heheh.
-We then discuss a lot about teaching matters, timetable, mine and her roles during this practicum period and etc..
-Then she off with another female teacher, Cikgu Su Lay Ching for breakfast while I’m off to Pejabat Am to Photostat the stuff that she gave me.
-And now I’m waiting for 9.50 am, interval time, but I’m not going out to have any meal as I’ don’t feel like eating at the moment. And while I’m waiting, I’ve met several more teacher especially Cikgu Sophia who are in charge of arranging all the stuff in the staffroom, from a scratch to furniture I guess, she ask me to move to a more secure and wider place and I accept it, and now my seat number change from 10 to 19, much more nearer to teachers lobby and can easily access to the internet services in here. I also met up several female teacher ; Cikgu Sadhana, Cikgu Kartina, Cikgu Azizah and Uztazah Latifah. These people I ‘ve met when I’m strolling and wondering in staffroom, looking at the notice board. So again the introduction session begin and then. Most of them gave me a similar advice “don’t be too friendly with students or you’ll be step on”, be strict for the first time”.
-So on my first day school, I’m just hanging around the office gathering as much information as I want while Mythnya? I don’t know and have not a slightest idea on where she have going right this moment, but I’ve saw her name on the “Sit-In” list just now. Poor Mythnya, all the best to you ya? As she will be off to enter class 4J-Julang at 9.40 am later on. There I’ve just remember to what of my colleague said, 4J, can be consider as the last and the lowest grade of all form 4 level in a certain school, and thank God there is no 6J around here, there is? I don’t know, later then I’ll check it up.. Fearing that there might be 6 jahanam in this school, then my days would be in misery afterwards huhu.. later then I’ve enter class 4C with my mentor
-So here it is. The time has begun, and my hands were trembling when I’m writing this. So mathematic class on Monday, is on 4C, 10.20 till 11.40, 2 periods. 4C stand for 4 Cemerlang. I hope for the best, but I’m wrong. The moment I step in the class with Cikgu Lau, the atmosphere change. So they aware of my present, and they thought that I’m a Nazir, coming of observation hahaha! Okay back to our main topic. So based on Cikgu Lau Siew Ching teaching method or should I say, her style. Her famous word is “Focus & Listen”. Then she instruct all the students in class to clear up all the books from the other subject and take out their copy of Mathematics Form 4 Text Book. Then she scribbled on the whiteboard the topic that they will learn for today lesson and begin the induction set, asking several students on what have they learn in the previous lesson .
-So the topic for tday lesson is; Gradient of Straight Line, then she wrote the formulae on the white board and begun the class discussion. I see that they have been assign to do exercises from the previous lesson. So I’ve analyze every each of students behavior and respond towards teacher ways of teaching. The level of student Co-operation is very low. I’ve been inform that there are 34 students within this classroom; 12 female students and the rest is male of course. Cikgu Lau indeed use the two ways of Communication during teaching and learning process; which mean that teacher ask and explain, while students respond. 20% of the students were participating while the rest are doing their own stuff. Students attire= quite satisfactory, 70% clean and considered as hygiene. So after discussion, Cikgu Lau switches to F&Q session. In the same time, problems will be given for students to solve. I see that most of the students within this class room were quite brilliant after all, the problem that is only they are too stubborn to listen to teachers word. As I put myself in their shoes, me too felt that the class is not interesting at all, sorry miss Lau, don’t be offended heheh.. just giving my point of view. Well then, she distribute the handouts and also instruct then to open some page on the students text book ( can’t remember what page). Class management? Quite poor, she use force to instill discipline, deduct school points or demerit, scolding and yelling. I guess by the time she turn into 30 or 40 something, she might already get a lot of white hair heheh.. I’ve also have no idea on how to control these all people. They are not human, they are a little devils with a mask of human child. But we’ll wait and see who’s better. I can’t wait to teach them by the end of this week. Hero will arrive soon hahaha.
-Based on my analysis, the arrangement of students seat in 4C is based on “5 by 7”grid. From the front view, which is 2 row from the front to the back at the left side is quite passive type of students, they don’t make any trouble at all yet they also did not participate in class discussion at all. Cikgu Lau just merely instruct the students verbally. I say, couldn’t she just write it on the white board then she don’t have to yell at them? Her style is not too effective at all.. sorry again miss Lau. So those students who are quite troublesome are all in the back seat at the right side of class from the teacher’s seat front view. They are smart, but as I said just now, they are all little devils. Those who are in front are quite supportive. I see that there are 6 prefects in this classroom. Okay, so the situation continues as the teacher threaten students with demerits and enforcement. Students have been assigning to do exercise, but the environment turns out to be pasar ikan in the end. What a shame.
- The bell rang and the class end, we head back to office, there we discuss again on the lesson, then we meet again with Cikgu Beatris and she told me to Photostat Takwim Sekolah, Together with the yearly lesson plan. Then I met with Cikgu David who help with to register as a school stuff and thumbprint procedure, I’ve heard of punch card before but hey, this is new for me. And then, nearly time to back home. At 1.15 pm, I’ve just having a walk around the area and there I met with my colleague, Mythnya. She seem energetic and cheerful, wow, she said that it is easy to control the class as long as you know the right timing and approach, I salute you Mythnya. Sit-In is something but for 4J? It’s a hell man.. then I call my aunt to fetch me at school and end of the stories of my first day in school.. see you tomorrow.

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