Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movies That I’ve Watched

Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen
There just only one word to describe it, outstanding, or should I say like the crowd always does; awesome.. I’ve watch the movies two times, and I guess I’m going to watch it again. Well compare to the first one, the sequel is much more edgier, scarier, funny, splendid and nastier than before! I salute Michael Bay for this ( oh please be my teacher~). Say, the thing that attract me the most when I watch the movie;

1. Bumblebee is one of the Highlight in this movie apart from the kid and Optimus, and he’s still haven’t sought his voice problem. But hey, it’ll made him stay unique and cool just like before. ( I love the scene where Bumblebee pop out from the garage when Sam scream for help ). Yeah Bee.. stay loyal eh?

2. I love the fighting scene between Optimus Prime and the Decepticon, very exciting. And I almost shed my tears when Optimus die, murder by those villain ( how dare you Megatron you scumbag!! That’s a foul play!)

3. Yeah the twin Autobots is kinda funny, but I like SideSwipe (he’s like a reincarnation of Jazz). If I’m not mistaken, that guy transform into Chevrolet right? Whoa.. awesome.. but if I’m mistaken, someone please enlighten me..
4. Mikaela turns out to be more gorgeous than before, same goes to Sam WitWicky (Shia Labeouf, it’s that a right spelling?) he’s got more macho than before and got the aura of leadership.. anyway, congrats for entering college heheh..
5. Sam, the main character. Why trouble always find you eh? Hahaha.. I this movie the dude possess the ability to in store ‘Glyph’. What is it I don’t know, maybe Michael can answer this.. I say it’s the ancient language of Prime. Man, it’s a laugh when he fool the lecturer during the class. Reading the whole page from a thick book in only 32 second? That’s insane hahahaha!

6. Jetfire, the old horse haha, may you rest in peace buddy, although he is a Decepticon but he change side, hey I wonder how he do that? Is he being permited by Optimus to do so? Whaever.. but he have the ability that none other can do ( even the fallen himself can’t). this guy can teleport! From Smithsonian museum yards to Egypt in a split second. Ha!

I wish I have a car like Bumblebee, I mean i-want-a-car-that-can-transform-and-drive-for-me.. therefore I can sleep while traveling in the same time. Plus, they ( the transformer didn’t use any oil aren’t they?).

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”
The 6th movies in the HP series ( there is 7 books altogether, and I’ve read and re-read and re-re-read and the books for many times! A+++ will be mine if such question about HP were out in exam, I dare you hahaha)
So I’ve watched the movie on its Premier Day, 16th July 2009. Thursday. Right on it opening day. So here’s the thing;

1. Ginny got more prettier yay!! ( yeah Bonnie!!)

2. Hermione, the smartest of the trio, I wish you can become more like in the book. But hey, she turns out to be more attractive ever since the last series.

3. Ron Weasly, I guess he’s one of the highlight eh? Aren’t you won-won?! But apart from Quidditch, the rest are just .. okay..

4. Harry James Potter, The Boy Who Live, The Chosen One. What are you doing?! Grabbed the chance and kiss Ginny with more passionately! Oh please.. you and Ginny are the thing thati’m waiting for.

5. Hagrid and Aragog, not much to be told.. but in chamber of secret, aren’t Aragog is much more larger than in this movie?

6. Dumbledore.. see you in the 7th movies heheh, but you’re rock anyway.. and I love that apparition scene of yours.

The rest are quite moderate, Draco and the cabinet, Lavender Brown, Katie Bell.. but hey, where’s Mourning Myrtle?
Oh David Yates, I wish the next director would not be you.. I prefer the director from the 3rd HP movie, HP and the prisoner of Azkaban. Mr. Alphonse something ( can’t remember), and Peter Jackson- King Kong, Or Michael Bay instead!!! It’ll be more thrilling to see the final saga!!

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josh said...

aku bedau agi meda harry potter tu.. Sedih amt.
: (. Keni cerita ia? Serba ringkas lah...

Deideian said...

well.. Harry bercinta ngau Ginny.. Harry nyadi Kapten quidditch, Dumbledore meri Harry private lesson, Ron bercinta ngau lavender, Hermione nang makin bajik lah.. Ginny pun bajik mat.. Ron belaya ngau Hermione, last Ron bercinta ngau Hermione.. Dumbledore mati.. dibunuh Snape..

sarasota said...

hey...ku dah meda. i Harry potter. Peminat hidup mati. Peminat setia Emma Watson (Hermoine Granger)

Deideian said...

wahahaha.. hey sarasota.. nuan dah maca bup number 7 ka? thrilling gk cita ya ba diak kan?

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