Thursday, July 23, 2009

Question? Question? Question?

Why do we have to leave?
If we can choose to stay?
Why do we have to cry?
If we can try to smile?
Why do we need to see? Insteaad of feel and touch?
Why do we want to love?
Is it a gift or curse?
When do we have to laugh?
and why not while we sad?
How did we write and talk?
From experience or talent?
Why do we need to eat?
To be strong or survive?
Our family, friends or foe?
Why do we have to fight?
Coz it just seems not right?
Why do we like to sing?
When doing or getting something?
What makes us human cough?
To tease or because sick?
Why am i writing this?
because of why thats why it is..

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josh said...

In my opinion that is all about life.. Ranjau kehidupan membuatkan kita matang daripada pelbagai aspek. So, we must experience all unknown question in our mind.. That will makes us to be a MAN..

sarasota said...


Deideian said...

ah~ thank you ^^

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