Sunday, July 19, 2009

5th may 2009

-here I am, come for another day, I’ve reach school at 6.43 am, proceed to the General Office, while listening to the morning song entitled “love story”, dedicated or should I say, played by a group of school DJ’s ( the prefects of course) who are responsible for the school “siaraya” ( I guess it is something like radio club eh?). yeah , I’m starting kind of like this school because the culture, the environment, and the atmosphere around the class and work place ( I mean staffroom) is quite similar to my old school years ago.
-So I’m just waiting for 7.10 am, then proceed to 4M alone, as my mentor said that she will be there, “Already be there” to be precisely, that is what she said. So today’s mathematic lesson for both 4c and 4m were also be conducted within double periods. Just now I saw my name on the notice board, upon a piece of red paper, no 20- Deideian, Sit-In for class 5T, waktu ke-10..
-And so, I’m head towards class 4m all by myself, bringing only my black pen and my notebook, I entered the class. Well Cikgu Lau haven’t arrive yet , and I’m being greeted by students, I’m touched, so this is how it feel being a teacher. Being honored and respect by our students, almost like master and apprentice hahaha. So I’m sitting alone at the back, scribbled down some of thing that I’ve been through today roughly in my pocket notes, before I transfer and wrote it down properly in this “LOGBOOK: the Book of Thought and Life Journey”. I say ahahh..
-As what I can see, there are 25 to 30 students in total within this class. So far okay, they ( the students) do show their respect towards teacher and show some good value yet also obedience.
-So Cikgu Lau enters, and the class greet her and then everything went very well today. Their level of discipline is very good. And I can see that Cikgu Lau always smile and more relax in this class. The atmosphere felt so harmony indeed. Man, how I like this class so much! Although they are quite naughty but they Co-operate very well, unlike 4c- class of the devils..

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