Sunday, July 19, 2009


You see...
Every time when i woke up.
And i look my self at the mirror...
I'm alway's wondering.. what kind of person am i?
what is it that make differencess betwenn people?
wah~ some people said: " isn't life is great?"
while some people cursed; " life sucks!!"
Yet i can't say which one i am..
Maybe i'm the first?
Or maybe i'm in the second?
Or maybe both of it?
Then how should i define my self?
Do i have any special gift?
Or anything about me that i, myself also haven't discover?
What does people think when they look at me?
i assume that people dislike me on their first impression...
I guess so... Please correct me if i'm wrong~
I wish i know the answer for all my question..
Why is it like this? why is it like that?
haha.. never mind... no need to worry, said the the old man... ( my father lo)
I remember he said; son, when i was in your age.. i've been train to be tough, responsible, and learn to be wise from experience... all of this... slowly implement into me.. and had made what i am for today. So bear in mind... TO BE A MAN is not as easy as turning over one's palm. Therefore, remember this; MEN OF PRINCIPLE, HAVE COURAGE.. be brave son...
Still, i fail to be brave like what i've promise... i guess.. although i struggle hard to be better.. i... ah.. just like what the Confucius said:
"It is for man to plan, but for heaven to decide..."

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Niey Thom said...

haha....u r not d 1st & not d last,nor d 2nd, because u r d only 1 Dedeian Bangga Dunstan.

josh said...

Everyone of us are unique, accept it that you are only one in the world..

Deideian said...

Marleni... please.. at least spell my names right.. you're missing the letter "i" dear.. aiyo...

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