Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Day That Make Me Smile

Evening, 22nd July 2009
While listening to instrumental song entitled: Arrival to Earth, I recall the thing that has happen to me for the past 2 weeks.
Starting from 13th July 2009, Sunday. My friends and I were involve in a running competition which is organized by SPRM ( I don’t know the meaning of this short form but I heard that they are from Badan Pencegah rasuah ). So the name’s for the big event that we join is ‘Larian Anti Rasuah’.
It’s been for three month since the last I involve in such sport because currently I undergoing my training as a trainee teacher in one of the secondary school in Kuching region. “Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Matang Jaya Kuching” yeah that’s right. And when I’m typing this down, it’s been 3 month since the first day I report in for duty. Okay enough of this sad story.
My friends and I were in the ‘Men’s A category in which our route and running distance is different than others. 10 kilometers, can you imagine that? Oh my God, I still remember during my days as a freshmen in august 2007, Sukan Unitar; I’ve took part in 5000 meters run, which took me to run on the track field for 12 times before I fininsh it. And now? 10 km is a lot brother.. it is 2 times further than before but never mind, my aim is just for fun joining this anyway, evn though the price for the winner is RM5000/-, very tempting.
So in the end of the day, we’re able to finish the course. Still exhausted, we check on every booth ( which is open during the event, so many!!! Just like a carnival or something similar to that I guess ). Kelvin reckon that we should try on paintball, he says it’s fun! And yes it is true hehehe.. the three of us try it out and Jeremy took the last shot. And that’s the best feeling that I’ve ever had.

15th July 2009

It’s my birthday, well I’m not expecting too much anyway, but hey, my cell phone get busy starting at 12.00 am in the morning ( in which I have put it into silent mode) and it was buzzing throughout all night.
5.00 am or so I wake up to find out that I’ve got 14 messages and several miscall ( all were wishing me Happy Birthday ) ooo….. So they remember.. How sweet..
I went to school and start my duty as usual, but when I entered the class, te students of 4 Cemerlang and 4 Matang were all wishing me “Happy Birthday Sir!!!!” instead of the usual “Good morning”. So loud that I, myself became embarrassed with this. Somehow I fail to hide my smile in front of them and blushing ( gross eh?). and checking my facebook, I’ve find several of my friends ( including my fellow teacher ) also greet me the same wishes. Yeah.. that day is.. oh how touching..

21st July 2009
When I preparing for my teaching during the 7th period, suddenly miss bell call me; “hah Deideian, mana kamu? , kami ada di tempat parking dekat dengan kantin sekolah kamu”. Like a speed of lightning ( just kidding, I’m just saying ehe.. ) I meet them in instant and lead them to the class where the main course began. Wah!! Thank God I’ve prepare ( ever since the last few days) but still nervous and everything. I managed to pulled through the tension. Luckily the student behave themselves that day ( and theres only a few of them today. Originally 34 students but only 26 that present)
In the end, Puan Zeliha and Miss Bell comment about my ways of teaching. Yeah there still a lot of thing that can be improve but hey, they praise me for improving a lot since our last meeting.. so glad to hear that huhuu
Oh my song already end. I think I’m going to get myself a cup of tea.

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Anonymous said...

sebening pala mda d nyaD cikgu knya....heheheh

josh said...

pia ia.. Ksh ga, sigi baka mh kaban. Tat ka aja. Mali anak lelaki enda nakal. Keni ka nydi baka kapten nn ti baka nya. Enda ulh release limit nn ti enda kuat traning.. Gasak ka dia meh... yeah22

sarasota said...

I guess it not too late for me to say 'happy birthday' to you. hehehe.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Deideian said...

do= adai nyak bangat tusah deh sebenar ya.. kapten= ya ga nuan bedau abis ngajar ilmu nuan deh..
sarasota= thank you for da wishes..

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