Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mumbling Thumbling with nonsense Rhyme..

O.. Thou my friends hear hear this Hym
That i compose with tunes and rhyme
Thy mind i'm sure produce question
"What's with this text?, i feel so tension".
And once again my name is Deideian
I am Malaysian and still a student
For thine has't the right to ask me question
On what bring this nonsense, curious action?
So let me share good value with thee
Bout what human won't listen nor see
A book i read on last Sunday
I've caught with this old ancient say:
Thou see no evil, thou hear no evil,
Thou Speak no evil, and do no evil.
Then there i sit solemnly think
what are this word suppose to mean?
Just when i want to yield in a second
My mind were struck with inspiration
And that is how i start enlighten
This proverbs mean to show the way
On how to makes this world okay
And so;
i pray to heaven to grant us RAIN
To clean all evil that brought us PAIN
And grant us wealth, joy and bread
To endure us from grief and sad
Now yet thy mind contain confuse?
OR understand but thee refuse?
It's thine to choose to trust or not
By Deideian. 23 July 2009

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josh said...

wow,,, nice poem ddn.. I think that are Art of literature.. Keep it up Aizen...he2

Deideian said...

i'm a sentimental guy ehehehe

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